What MP level do you think I can handle?

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02/17/2013 04:08 PMPosted by overg
Just one shot Butcher on MP6

To quote Fezzik, "I do not think that means what you think it means." ;-)
Just one shot Butcher on MP6

To quote Fezzik, "I do not think that means what you think it means." ;-)

sorry mate, that was Inigo Montoya that said that...

... you killed my father, prepare to die!

Dammit! I haven't watched that movie in FAR too long. Why do I imagine Andre the Giant would say something I hear in my head with a Spanish accent?
one of my favourite movies, for sure! brings me back to when i was a kid, i used to watch it when i was sick and home from school.

that sword fight is still one of the most epic in film history!
Alrighty, here's a no-Serenity update on MP6, through Siegebreaker:

  • Single elite packs: 44
  • Deaths: 4

One of those deaths was an "I'm stuck and can't move for no good reason" bug ("Vrkhyz was slain!"), and another was "ZOMG elite Heralds with Jailer plus another pack of regular Heralds plus a Tremor plus some Impalers plus all those Ghouls from the ballistae plus some Maulers and OMG is that MORE Heralds?" What happens in the Fields of Slaughter stays in the Fields of Slaughter. I don't even remember what the other two deaths were. It doesn't matter. Ten packs went down for every one that killed me.

Overall, this has gone much better than I expected. I even found a way to turn Earth Ally into an offensive upgrade—and I don't mean by spamming him. I'll explain later when I update the "Under the Hood: Mystic Ally" post.

Also, I died three times to the same double pack of Molten mobs: one group of Hellflyers with Mortar, and an elite pack of Maulers with Vortex. Um, that wasn't fun! I don't know that Serenity would have helped, though. The sad thing is, I didn't even kite into them—they were just there as I went counterclockwise on the map to the "ZOMG Heralds!" fight.

On to Cydaea! This is really too much fun.
hey Vrkhyz, i have a question i've been thinking to ask you:

since you're all self-found, just curious how much gold you have saved up by now?

also, what do you do if/when you find a wiz/wd/barb item that's worth billions? do you still sell it, or do you just vendor it or something? or do you keep it for a self-found wizard or whatever down the track?
I sell items on the AH. When I first started playing, I was partying with a friend of mine who recently came back to town, and he saw some non-monk item and said, "Dude, don't vendor that--put it on the Auction House!" (As I recall, it didn't sell for much.) I didn't want to save a bunch of stuff for alts I had no intention of playing for a while, so I just kept selling good things I couldn't use--some people rely on the AH, why not give them another item to play with? As a result, I've got nearly 40 million, most of which came from the sale of two items.

Prior to the new crafting recipes, it fueled the occasional giveaway and endless upgrades of gems I didn't need; I had no use for it at all, really. Now that I have an outlet, I might as well use a bit of it. I'm well past the point where I can figure out how much came from sales, as I wouldn't have done a lot of things I've done (giveaways included) if I hadn't sold those items for all that gold, so I just spend it. Can't exactly burn it ;-) I have no plans to go crazy on crafting, though. For one thing, I don't acquire tomes fast enough! I went through the back half of Act 3 last night and came away with enough to try one one pair of gloves (new recipe, yay!) and maybe one amulet? I'm keeping track of how many of each type I try, though, as everyone else seems to be doing it in these crafting posts.

Anyway, I'm barricaded in the master bedroom with a space heater and this iPad, and it's 55 degrees outside these doors! Sadly, a D3 run is not in the cards this morning.
So I dropped Serenity for Mystic Ally and completed an entire run of Act 3 on MP6 yesterday. In my Serenity run, I fought 56 single packs and died 8 times, with two packs killing me twice each.

How did I do without Serenity?

63 single packs
7 deaths

And 3 of those deaths were against the same pack: elite Heralds of Pestilence with Arcane and some other affixes that I wrote down but can neither access nor remember right now. Whatever it was, it was the kind of fight where I really could have used Serenity, if only to suck up a few wiggly pools before all the Heralds closed around me, or to eat some lasers and stand my ground. (Kiting Heralds is, of course, a pretty bad idea. This group essentially forced me to kite. Not good!)

Regardless, I consider this a success, and I'll hav more to say about it later.
I don't come to the forums much so I had lots to read on your march through MPs :) Very interesting the non-serenity testing. I had just tried that on a MP8 run with a DH because I wanted to try a run with max DPS with combo strike to see how fast we could do it. I did not however include an out skill like DS. It actually went very well for quite a while, we were melting everyone fast ... until ran into vortex/plague/waller/frozen and I died 3x just to that one E. I would get vortexed and die, vortexed and die. After that I switched back to Serenity, but plan to try it again with perhaps SSS or DS, something to pop as safety

Keep publicizing your exploits, it's great learning for the rest of us
Serenity is one of those skills that you don't need 90% of the time ... and when you finally run into a situation where you could use it ... you could REALLY use it.

Or at least, that's how I feel about it :)
vrkhyz - nice shoulder craft
02/18/2013 10:30 AMPosted by InsuranceGuy
vrkhyz - nice shoulder craft

Thanks! It's essentially a very small upgrade over my Vile Ward in terms of EDPS and EL: a slightly better EDPS and EL but about 2% less sustain, until you count the HG/pot bonus. Makes me think I should stack VIT just to take advantage of it :)
Found the identify of the HoP pack from hell:

Horde, Nightmarish, Electrified, Arcane Enchanted

So, let's see: You want to stay close to them so they don't wiggle at you from a distance, but they have arcane sentries, so that's tough. You can avoid the sentries, but they all have Nightmarish, so you end up running away anyway. And finally, that wouldn't be so bad, except that they have Horde, so there's more of them than usual, meaning more sentries, more hits, and more running from Nightmarish.

Yeah, can't figure out how I died three times there! Also, not sure I wouldn't have died at least with Serenity. Take away the outlier, and I died 4 times in 62 fights. I certainly had to kite a little more than I usually do with Serenity, but it was only truly a problem against Plagued first and Arcane Enchanted second. And Foresight is my newest, bestest friend against Plagued.
I'm now on 34 consecutive single-pack fights in Act 3 on MP6 without dying. No Serenity. In fact, in the last 44 such fights, I've died three times: all to that single Heralds of Pestilence pack with the awful affix combo. All told, I'm on a run of 45 straight packs in which that HoP back is the only one to kill me.

Mystic Ally FTW?
I can do MP 5 alright with my seemingly crappy self found build. I would probably die a few more times than you. MP 4 is not bad, but can be a bit slow @ 43000 dps. People better try my build if they don't believe me.
ps it's not self found. I didn't find a lot of my items, just never used the RMAH.
Dammit! My single-pack streak on MP6 without a death is over after 43 consecutive victories. I was undone by FC-Molten-Vortex-Xtra Health Heralds that brought a pack of regular Heralds with them and wouldn't all converge on me. My dreams of a no-death "Tiger Slam" through Act 3 (from second elite in Arreat Crater 1 all the way back through first elite in same area) came to an end. So I came back and beat them death to with their own squiggly arms. And now I'm gonna craft some stuff and go to bed :)
DANG - that crafted chest armor is awesome! Congrats
02/19/2013 07:31 PMPosted by InsuranceGuy
DANG - that crafted chest armor is awesome! Congrats

Thanks! It replaced a pretty good piece:

393 armor (now 397)
224 DEX (now 318 with both sockets filled with emeralds)
39 INT
172 VIT (now 199)
6% life (effectively 63 VIT for my character, depending on what I'm wearing)
42 cold resistance (my current OWE resistance, so 46 resistance with the INT bonus)

If I load the crafted armor with one emerald and one amethyst, it gives me the following boosts:

  • +7.5% EL in melee
  • +6.7% EL vs. affixes
  • +7.5% effective sustain
  • +2.3% effective DPS

And, of course, I can swap the gems in the armor and pants around and make it about the same in terms of life and about a 7% increase in my eDPS. Pretty sweet!

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