Some questions regarding some DH skills

Demon Hunter
1. Entangling Shot Chain Gang: If I hit 4 targets with it, do I deal 90% weapon damage each (total 360% weapon damage if I hit all 4) or is it 90% divided by 4?

2. Does Sentry inherit the Cold Damage from my Natalya's Redemption (meaning will they chill/slow down mobs)?

3. Which of the Sentry runes deals the most DPS?

Thanks in advance!
1: 90% on each indivdual
2: only chain of torment rune can get the cold snare effect
3: arguably chain of torment if u can position them nicely, if not, split fire
1) unknown.
2) sentries don't proc. I'm guessing 'no'.
3) I'm about to say "chain of torment", but that is only because it can affect >1 demon at the same time. There is a video of a guy tanking 3 elite mobs using CoT for proc-ing LS/LoH.
Spitfire adds a few rockets. The other two useful ones are "shield" and "regen health"
So, pick one that fits your playstyle.
Got it. Thanks, Quos and DogBone!

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