You know you're a diablo addict when

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When your eyes clear from the blood haze of slaughtering 100s of undead zombies only to realize you have been swingin your janitorial mop through the local old folks home.
I fall asleep while playing and wake up with my character randomly running with a huge mob following me, or im dead and there is a huge mob standing there because I was asleep and ran into a dead end.
When you are walking with your wife and you wonder how you can upgrade your follower's jewelry set.
When you setup your alarm clock at the middle of the night for an auction.
you double it...
i don't like school because i can't play diablo and study at the same time :(
when you are in the d3 forums while at work. that alone is enough.

if you want more, constantly thinking of your next upgrade/s and mitigating stats.
When you work 8 hours a day and get like 4-5 hours of sleep at night...oh right the rest of the day was Diablo...
When your'e out shopping or whatever and everything is going well....but then you see a midget/dwarf with a backpack and chase him and murder him.
When playing D3, I'm using D1/D2 soundtrack.
When you curse at the corner store employees for being "flippers".
Hmm I don't know what gives away I am a little addicted to d3. I just am, I think.
When you ask Sean Connery to identify a jacket you found in a barrel earlier that day.
the real money from your wallet is no important and you pay for others because of the value is so little in comparison to D3 money system
12/07/2012 06:12 AMPosted by jvfroman
when you whirlwind through crowds in the mall

01/03/2013 09:51 PMPosted by Tig20xxX
when you whirlwind through crowds in the mall


That one actualy did make me laugh out loud ahahah!!
........when you tell a stripper she has Resplendent Chest.

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