i Think Dmg Affix on rings is bugged!

Bug Report
my friend ask me why, and i dont know too, i lost 2 hours searching for some answers for nothing.
i think u guys from Diablo Forum can help me discovery why that 25-60 6cc do more damage of 34-60 6cc

Photo 1: http://needcaption.com/upload/images/596Screenshot188.jpg

with my DH, both rings dont have dex and the 25-60 i gain more DPS

Photo 2 : http://needcaption.com/upload/images/829Screenshot189.jpg

This time, i was with my wizard just to show theres something wrong!
all of my friends who have a fully wizard gear, includes the top 6 of the america used both rings and the ring with 25-60 with less int is powerful than the other one with 34-60 with more int!
If an item has a +min dmg (or +max dam afaik) affix and a +X-Y damage affix just the latter one is displayed.
The first ring probably such a modifier. By Bnet-web-API you can check that ring

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