should i play a WD?

Witch Doctor
so as a little background, i played a ww barb to paragon 49... boring spin spin spin snooze....
played my monk to paragon 42, also getting boring, played a wiz.... CM builds boring... i have almost 0 intrest in playing a demon hunter, WD is pretty much the only class that i have not given a fair shake. how does the playstyle compare to other classes, am i gonna get bored and fall asleep playing this class too? lol give me some input from the community
I personally find the !@#$%doc most fun & deep class in game.
Don't think I build all my gear & spec around a single direct damage attack. (WW barb, or Bears Doc)
But, instead think, group of tank minions + dot stacking & a fun choice of nukes ontop.
yeah, honestly, i think WD is my last chance at finding some longevity in this game, cause the otherr classes bore me to tears.
reddit poll once showed that witch doc were consdiered the weakest class, but Witch docs had the most fun playing there char.
im honestly in it for the fun, i need it to be fun, everything else just seems so.... auto scripted.
Im biased, but Ive played most other toons (not a lot and with very weak gear, as you can see in profile). still, yeah, I think wd is easily the most fun class, definitely has a lot of variations in gameplay. you can get frustrated when you run out of mana, but its not like 5 months ago when mana regen was unbearable (get it ? :))

monk easily has the worst build variety out of all the classes.
12/07/2012 03:25 PMPosted by scubasteve
i think WD is my last chance at finding some longevity in this game

You have leveled 2 character to 40+ paragon levels and another to 20+... I think you already hit the longevity time required...
I too came from WW barb. Same as you the spin spin spin and the constant need to keep the WoTB up was too much of an annoyance.

I sold all my barb gear and regeared a WD instead and so far i like it a lot more.
I am using the hybrid c4dogs build and its really really fun.

Hope you give it a go. feel free to add me in game and we can chat about it.
i'm leveling it now, i have one of my old hellfre rings on for the exp boost, so i hope in the next day or so ill be done

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