Hitting a roadblock on CM/WW Wizard

Hey, I started playing about 3 weeks ago and have tried to make a CM/WW Wizard as my first character. At this state, I feel like the wizard is stagnant, i.e. can't seem to easily improve. Having a look around the AH, it seems any decent gear upgrade is going to cost me at least 8mil+, is there anything I can do to this wizard in terms of skill or equipment that would not cost me 8mil+ to improve??

Thanks for any help!
I would suggest more attack speed. Attack speed is more important than crit damage, so try to get some gloves with ias, cc, int, and maybe armor. You look like you have enough resist but could use more armor. When you use diamond skin, armor is more important than life, so dont be afraid to lose some vitality for extra armor. Also, a Tal Rasha chest piece would be nice since it has ias, int, vit, and 3 sockets.
As far as skills go, try using the reduce cooldown rune on frost nova.
When i was building my wizard, i used an oculus for the extra APoc untill i had 50% ias. I dont realy know if that was good or not, but it definitely helped with initiating against elites. Since you dont have a lot of ias, you probably want to keep your chant force.
You don't have nearly enough attack speed, most CM/WW wizards put attack speed on every single slot available. Check this page for more info on why attack speed is king ATM.
Every item on my wizard I bought for under 3 mil (except the belt) so look there for some good upgrades.
Would it be worth swapping my Chants wand for something 1150+ with IAS or am I better off keeping my current socketed one?
i would look at add ias to oh ring and bracers, also your ammy needs cc maybe without cd

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