D3 Community Dying Fast?

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12/08/2012 08:30 PMPosted by Hypersonic
Between the time weeks leading into release and right now, the difference is day and night.

wasn't here then but kept a good eye on these forums since release and i have to say they have been >=95% negative. (rightfully so.)

any time some "good" change was made, there was 1-2 weeks of positivity, but the rest of it has just been ppl telling the badesigners what they're doing wrong. (and they are doing wrong.)

so gg.
The D3 community doesn't die good players just don't hang out in the official forum..which is only for news to see which thread is gaining momentum...and recreational trolling...
If they make pvp an arena type setup. People still will not stay. They need to make it so you can challenge anyone anywhere, like D2. That was the exciting factor of the game by David B.
If its arena you will be dragged into a private zone with a random other player. No personal setups, no pick and choose your battles. They need to totally change what they have planed if they want to save this game. WOW, EQ2 etc etc all had the challenge anywhere.
Game sucks, people will leave... it's that simple.

The FEW who do still enjoy it will stick around and defend it with such catchphrases like; "QQ", "Whiners", "Noob", "L2P", "Spin2Win".

As for the community; people have seen Blizzards effort to fix their broken game.
12/09/2012 09:07 AMPosted by WolfMonger
If they make pvp an arena type setup. People still will not stay. They need to make it so you can challenge anyone anywhere, like D2.

They very well might add the ability to "go hostile" we just dont know if they will or not though.

Edit: It can't hurt to ask for it, and if you do and I see it count me as a +1 :)
12/09/2012 07:44 AMPosted by Contra
The D3 community doesn't die good players just don't hang out in the official forum..which is only for news to see which thread is gaining momentum...and recreational trolling...

If good players don't hang out in the forum, the community is dead.
That's kind of a definition.
How about the fact whenever I join public chat channels in game there are often only like 60-75 people in it. Max is 100 and every channel used to be 97+ at all hours... game is fading and I hope they save it soon cuz I love this game but without a strong community (and economy) it's nothing.
12/09/2012 04:42 AMPosted by Slay
D3 is dying yet my Friends List keeps getting bigger.

On Saturday evening I ventured into public chat and was placed in room 38,053 with I think it was 44 or 46 others...

It is probably reasonable to assume rooms are numbered sequentially, so there must have been a reason to make enough rooms to handle 3 million visitors.

Now, I do not believe there were 3 million people on line, but there were enough folks logged on and moving into and out of chat last Saturday evening to make the servers spawn a ton of rooms. I think the death of DIII is highly exaggerated by the haters and trolls.

I enjoy DIII and play it often, and so do many others it seems.
I would be willing to bet black ops 2 has more xbox360 users online then D3 pc users online.
This is not a game, it's a craps table.
12/09/2012 01:39 PMPosted by MANTiC0R3
This is not a game, it's a craps table.

Bring it.

Well I have no clue if the game is dieing or not. All I can do is explain what I feel when playing - and I consider my self as someone who likes D3 a lot - but in its current form, its very unmotivational and unrewarding.

How so? Simple really. The randomness is to high compared to the time you have to spend playing the game but on the other side there is a chance to gear up with almost only using the AH as source.

I think most players dont mind the AH as they buy and sell things there sometimes. But I believe most people dont feel well with using the AH only. I guess its not the experience they are looking for. Certainly its not why I am here. I dont mind to use the AH as a form of trade. But to flip items? Not my cup of tea really.

This means you are left with playing the game as only option. But the randomness on some of the items is so high, that its not a motivational experience. Even if you get some echoing fury, mempo, skorn, lacunis, vile etc. the chance for those items to be really good is extremly small. And they are supposed to push you in to the "end game", which is now the high MP levels. You can play literaly for months and more and not find anything usefull, despite the fact that you found a lot of lvl63 legendaries and set items. The sheer number of useless high lvl legendaries is unbelievable, maximus, grandfather, flying dragon, vigilance, The Grand Vizier, Fury of the Vanished Peak and many more. All useless two hand weapons. Except for Skorn. But even a Skorn is only usefull with the CORRECT rolls.

Is that the build diversity the guys at Blizz love to throw around? Where only ONE item for twohand builds is really usefull? And only with the correct rolls?

As much as I love D3, I would not be surprised if people leave the game.

This is exactly how i feel about the game right now. The amount of RNG when an item rolls in this game is simply obscene. I really think the ah as a trading method was a logical step forward, but making your item hunt move from the game to an auction house window is just lame. I truly believe the game would improve a lot if the overall item quality was enhanced, and the ridiculous amount of rng tuned down.

People don't even ask for perfect rolls, but useful, fun, and viable gear, instead of 9380475092837528957098234750289375238572 poorly rolled rares, ilvl63 weapons with 300 dps, quivers with strength, mojos with dexterity, monk weapons with intellect, and so on. Why the heck do class specific items roll useless stats for the class they were intended for anyways?. No matter how much they increase the drop rates, it matters little if you get 100000000 or 10000 vendor trash items. Overall item quality is the flawed element, not drop rates.
Pretty much this is the reason people are leaving. I have around 200 hour's played and I even quit for months and I can count on one hand how many item's have dropped that I could use. Everything else I got on the auction house and if it wasn't for the AH, I couldn't have progressed into inferno and beyond. Now that monster power is out, I got lucky and a RL buddy gave me 5m in gold so I could upgrade my god awful gear. Thank god the prices have dropped drastically otherwise, I would have to just have him carry me through.

Since upgrading, I plow through MP5 Act 3 Inferno with ease. I've filled my bags at least 20 times with just yellows and every single one of them I had to vendor because of the terrible item quality. I mean, I couldn't even put them on an alt let alone try to sell them on the auction house.

We're coming up on 7 months since release and while thing's have improved, it's more of a "shiny light bulb" that distracts you from the obvious things that are still broken eg; RNG for loot rolls coupled with "blizz nerfs."

Crafting is still worthless. The only thing I use the blacksmith for is making the new portal's to get material's for hellfire ring. Again, distraction from how god awful blacksmithing is.

Honestly, this isn't 2002, the D2 time sink model just doesn't work outside of MMO's anymore. Players want rewarded for whatever precious time we have to sink into a game. Not everyone can just sit around and play 10+ hours a day.

I won't even touch on what a enormous failure the RMAH was.

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