Ninja 1 piece of Gear of the person above you

yes my gear blows so ha too bad :D
Ninja mempo.
Ill take the fist weapon.
maybe the zuni chest

WoW! Just give me your DH's gear and my Monk will be awesome at 60 :) If I had to steal one...maybe the trifecta Nat's ring...wait maybe The Witching Hour...or CC Mempo' get the point lol.
those vile wards to sell :D
isolation's zuni chest.

I would gladly take off Sylvina's pants. ; )

Blackthorne's Breeches.

Edit, damn it took me a long time to reply. :P

Ninja Broken Crown.

Why lv29 QQ...
I'll take the off-hand thanks Emmet :)
OP - your gear sucks but you have a mempo and 2 sock DDs?

you gots like 100m on your main, wtf

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