Need a little help with gear direction:

Witch Doctor

I know what to do for my next upgrades, when I can afford them:

Zuni Pox--Find one with CC/CD
Zuni Vision--Find one with CC
Belt--Buy witching hour

Pants? I have no idea what to do with pants.

Blackthorne's for LoH? I have 1138 LoH + 2.9%
Depth Diggers? why?
What else? why?

Could use some help here.
Inna's, why? 12% MS
That's it? Just the movement speed alone?

Any other thoughts on this? Personally I was leaning towards the Blackthorne's, but maybe I don't need anymore LoH?
drop the manajumas. your DPS will go up plainly from the Zuni's boots elemental damage. except it only works for your black damage.
get a tal rasha's ammy, drop pierce the veil
upgrade all your gems. the other stuff you covered already
don't get innas. they are fake dps.
Unless he is getting lacunis, why would he not get innas?

For higher MP, just get a rare pair of pants with high INT, VIT, 2 OS & AR. % life is also a plus.

If you are farming or leveling at lower MP, max move speed is definitely a must to be efficient.
Drop The Manajuma? Inna's? This is crazy talk.

Get a witching hour. Your jewelry is lacking average damage. That Hellfire is costing you a lot of DPS.

Feel free to add me if you have any questions.
I agree with you about the crazy talk. I didn't put any stock in those comments.

I made a lot of upgrades since posting this originally. Here is where I am now:

What now you think? I'd love to get a better Hellfire, but RNG is RNG. What should I work on upgrading?

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