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I tried posting on the Customer Service forum for World of Warcraft, but you can't post there with your Diablo III profile, and my World of Warcraft account is banned from the forums for spam.

And Diablo III apparently does not have a Customer Service forum. So here I am, in the wrong forum, asking a question pertaining to a different game.

I want to buy Mists of Pandaria, but I want to use Battle.net Balance to pay for it by selling my items on the RMAH.

I went to my account page, clicked "Digitally Upgrade to Mists of Pandaria" next to my WoW account details, and there is no Battle.net Balance option under payment options.

I don't want to throw $40 worth of profit into a Battle.net Balance that I can't even use.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to use Battle.net Balance to pay for MoP? And if not, why? And is it going to be available in the future?

Sorry that this is in the wrong forum, but I AM a Blizzard customer looking to buy a Blizzard product with the payment option I want, and this is the only place I can ask without having to call and wait on hold for a very long time to likely hear a disappointing answer.

I would suggest reading the FAQ on the subject. It covers very clearly what you can and can not purchase using the Bnet balance.


According to the list, you CAN purchase upgrades with Bnet balance. However, you can't combine payment methods so if you don't have enough for the full upgrade then they payment option will not be available. There are also limits on the services available for those using AUD vs US Dollars.
I see.

This pretty much clears up my question.

I hope the FAQ is still correct considering it hasn't been properly updated in about a year.


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