Cm wizard unsure of where to go.

Base stats,
20 Apoc
45% crit chance (have cc stormcrows but use exp most of the time)
2.58 attacks per second (2.74 with slow time which I usually use vs. Ubers)
80k sheet dps unbuffed
650 resist all unbuffed
4.1k armor unbuffed
30k life
900 LoH

I will not switch blackthornes pants to innas without putting on an amulet with more LoH on it, so please don't suggest that.
I wish I could switch my helm to andys/Mempo but I won't do it unless I can still have 20Apoc and 900 LoH.
I sometimes use unity (300 Loh, 8k more dmg at trade of 8% AS & 30 AR, 4k life)
I am pretty sure Ice climbers are just way better then nats 2 piece at the price range I am at.

I currently have to use shell over shards, and cold snap over bone chill/deep freeze and prefer force/prismatic over lightning.

I have roughly 30 mil, but only want to spend 10 on upgrades atm.

I have gloves with 70 AR, and same dps, but I think my current tasker/theo are offering more EHP.
I have 4% cc 9% attack speed lacunis with no other valuable stats, are these worth using??

Stuff currently in the works,
Upgrade tals armor to have more armor while keeping more attack speed
Either going to buy a better chantos socket wand, or get one with attack speed, but not sure on this one.
Possibly going to upgrade source to 10%cc or maybe lower my average damage on it for some more APoC, but not sure about this one.
Considering putting 5 mil (more) toward AR witching hour, but don't think its best investment ATM as mine is pretty good.
Considering getting more AR on blackthornes pants
Going to get better ring(s)? Not sure what to look for, as most of the stats I want there are very few rolled rings.
Ty for any advice, my #1 goal is to be able to handle mp8 ubers, secondary goal is to increase my dps (which right now I think will come from becoming more survivable so I can drop energy armor and stuff)

How valuable is hitting another breakpoint vs. more CC, currently I am valuing IAS more.
Is attack speed chantos worth the huge dps drop? I don't think it is, but if those 2.7/3.0 breakpoints will see massive increase in survivability I might be able to change up build.
Is losing 2 cc, 80vit/int/AR really worth changing to lacunis? I don't think it is ATM.
getting to 2.73 aps without bubble will be huge for u, but u need to maintain cc and mitigation while doing it
the problem is that even with a 1.65 wand u need 66 ias. Which for u means adding 3 ias pieces

therefore ud be better off with a high dps 1.72 aps chants will if u have an 8ias ring to replace the unity
even tho ull lose loh u should see similar loh returns cause of the new breakpoint, as well as better ap return, freeze lock, better ability to fire more ebs, etc

a 1.72 wand and 59% ias gear = 2.7348 aps
I currently have 60% without lacunis, and 69% with lacunis.
Would it be better to get a high IAS wand to meet that breakpoint or to switch to lacunis and upgrade another piece of gear?
Or would it be better to change them both, (which I think might put me at the 3.0 breakpoint (with bubble at least) unsure of what stats are needed to reach this one).
is it better to use the bubble if its going to bump you up a breakpoint, or is it just better to not spend the AP/time and have something like teleport. (Just thinking about ubers here, not normal mobs, which I always use teleport or archon on.)
I went the IAS wand and DPS went down alot without CD on weapon but its totally worth it
I got an IAS wand, I am not really noticing a difference in freezing mobs or kill speed, but I will keep trying it.
I decided Lacunis and Innas are not viable.
Is there any other advice on what gear I should upgrade??
#1 I say is upgrade your gems. Getting all to stars dont cost that much especially if you have 30M and will continue to be upgraded in the long run even if you replace gear so its a good investment.

I just moved my CM WW gear around and found that with 2.8 IAS you dont need as much AR gear so you can ditch some of that on a few slots for more dps. With higher IAS your LoH ticks a lot more so you end up taking less damage or none at all with a high heal rate.

Rings: Skull grasp keep an eye out for these. There's some that are often cheap but extremely good for CM WW. Got one with 5.5 Crit, 218 LoH, 7 IAS, armor and 148 int for 5.5M

Getting a hellfire ring for the other slot would be good as long as you roll an ok one

Pants: Blackthorns can roll MASSIVE stats which I'd think is better than 50 some AR. Can easily get 340+ stat (int + vit mix) for ~5M and can go up from there for more stats with higher LoH for survival.

Helm: Find a storm crow with crit. Should be able to get one for under 8M as long as you dont expect perfect crit and huge stats.
Great advice, thanks. I already upgraded my gems, and will probably do it again.
I rolled a hellfire with 3.5% cc, and no other stats other then the int.
Most of the skull grasps I have seen were not very good, but I will take another look into them, I have a unity I can use for damage but I lose my 2.73 breakpoint.
I do have a stromcrow with cc, it just doesn't make sense to use it unless I am fighting ubers as I would FAR rather an exp gem.
I had some high vit blackthornes that I traded these out for. but I will take another look for sure.

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