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Skywalkerfx: Don't know where else to post, but check out my CC gear now.

Thought you might appreciate the amulet. I had a tal rasha's with almost exact same crit chance/damage, so these are about the same DPS, although I lose acid rain damage. I also had the same gloves (essentially) but with dex instead of attack speed.

Ah, also my DPS is with a frenzy shrine, it's 171k according to d3up.
could you please add the link for quick reference to Fean's PoB build? you mention it in the builds section, but no link. it's in the eu forums.

just read it and turns out it uses a lot of the skills i've started using through my limited play testing. so i've finally settled on a build type it would seem!
Mr Mojo - Oops. Added link to build. Can't go wrong with a Fean build. He will answer questions too if you post in the EU forums.

MCP - Nice Blind Ammy. Like that AS too. Those are really nice gloves too. Good work.

I have high crit stun gloves with CD no AS, but they are not bad wit 4.6 stun. Problem is my procs still seem to be either being nerfed because of MP10 or are being nerfed because they don't like the gear/proc combos I have. So not using stun gloves ATM.
Amazing post thanks man.

Added Carnage Build under Bear Builds

Renamed No Pets category to Bat Builds

Removed Sensation's Domination Build under bear builds. He said the build was "flawed" so he took it down. Sensation has a new build similar to Raki's ZDog/Sac build which is listed in our index. Sensation's new build is in the EU index.

Included ofgortens' Buff/Debuff Bear Build.

Rearranged bear builds so newer builds are listed first.

For all authors of builds. If you do a major update of a guide let me know.
@Age That looks like a low MP farming build. If that is all you do, then I suggest a high damage weapon without crit.

New to WD here, but experienced monk. Thanks to OP for this post on gearing/skills!
Really enjoying this side of Int-based toons! >:)

Once I get used to what it takes to WD, I'll then go forth and advance my WD. tbh the basic cookie is quite nice and easy to get into for new WDs :)
I put a note in the guide that all builds are up to date.

Builds and posts have the date they were originally written. If a build is updated 100 times it still has the original date.

If you find one that can't be played in 1.07 then let me know.

The builds have info regarding what MP level they can be played at.

Manvan's BatBarrage build added under bat builds

I did some updates on the article Buying a Witch Doctor Weapon in the 'Other Guides" section.
Inadvertently wrote a guide. Was supposed to be just a simple reply to a post, until I read what I wrote lol. See if it is on par with guides posted. If not I can modify it some more to be considered as such. Thanks for all the hard work from everyone in the WD community.
LordAmsa - It would be better if you copied it into a new thread. That way you can control the thread title and edit it whenever you want to.

Let me know what you do.
Will do. Thanks.
OK. Posted your build under Speed Builds. Thanks.
Added Eremite's CoB MP10 Keeps Run Guide under Bat Builds

and my Bear Proc Doctor Build 1.07 under Acid Rain/Proc Builds
Nothing new this week.

Mostly just some edits.

For those interested, there are some Cloud of Bats builds in the Index under Bat Builds.
Maybe you could add a mechanics section. Firebats is turning into a favourite skill for many WDs, here´s my research:

Cloud of Bats mechanics
Plague Bats mechanics

Or do you want me to make one separate topic about Firebats?
Nubtro - If you want to make one post with everything in it, including a build for PTR Firebats, I would post it up under builds.

I usually don't post anything up about PTR as it is subject to change. However since there has been so much hype about Firebats, I will make an exception.

Please put PTR in the Title of your post, and when the mod is finally released you can update your post for any changes, and take PTR out of the title.

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