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Could you add this to your list?

I've found it becoming a popular "cult" build for people who like to go all-summons, and it can be effective for mid-high mps in the right hands.
How to Build a WD for MP10 posted under New to 60 WDs

True Summoner Build posted under combination builds

1.08 Spirit Bears Build added under bear builds.
Gargantuan damage mechanics:


HUMONGOID = (aps*130%) weapon damage Cleave each 84 frames (1.4 sec)
RESTLESS GIANT = (aps*100%) weapon damage each 84 frames; (aps*300%) weapon damage when enraged, attacks each 66 frames instead of 84 frames (27.27% frequency increase)
BIG STINKER = (aps*100%) weapon damage each 84 frames; the poison cloud deals (aps*15%) weapon damage each 60 frames
= (aps*aps*110%) weapon damage each 84 frames;
= gains a 60% damage bonus from Slam Dance instead of a 30% bonus; Paranoia bonus isn´t doubled
BRUISER = (aps*100%) each 84 frames; special slam each 9.8 sec deals (aps*200%) weapon damage and stuns for 3 seconds
Posted Trefnwyd's CoB builds under Bat builds.

Posted Nutbro's Garg tests in other guides after Pet Guide.
Doesn't seem to be any Plague bats builds outside of Fean's.

This is what I run successfully at mp10.!ZYT!bcaYYb

Essentially the same as Jumbasa's Carnage build but with Plague Bats.
Mitchlol - Need more than this is my build. A couple of paragraphs on why you like it . Why is it better than something else? Gearing suggestions etc.
what about a poison build or spirit build "like haunt etc
A spirit build like 1.08 Spirit Bears Build

and acid build like Bear Proc Doctor Build 1.07 -

Feel free to swamp in Plague Bats for Bears in either build.
Can someone tell me does the 20% damage of Mass Confusion - Paranoia stacks in party of 2x WD ?
I would say no it doesn't stack. Confusion has a radius, so I don't believe you can have one radius overlapping another.

I suggest one of you use hex/jinx or BBV/slam dance instead.

But that's what I think, and you would probably get more answers if you make a new thread in the discussions below.
Ah, here's my profile
^ I'm glad you found it.
hi, im not sure if this counts, but i made a guide on hardcore witch doctors (basically for anyone, from 0 gold to billions haha). i wouldnt say its nessecarily new information, but it is tailored for hardcore and the HC market.

EDIT: link should be good now
07/12/2013 02:42 AMPosted by Isolation
hi, im not sure if this counts, but i made a guide on hardcore witch doctors (basically for anyone, from 0 gold to billions haha). i wouldnt say its nessecarily new information, but it is tailored for hardcore and the HC market.

Your guide needs a lot of work. You mostly state a lot of basic things that are already in other guides.
Plus I really didn't see anything that has to do with hardcore.
You need to work on builds, skill choices, survivability, and just aim it at the hardcore player.

You need to ask yourself, "What do WDs need to know about HC? And what can I contribute to make a player a better HC player?"
Restating a bunch of basic information about WDs shouldn't be needed for a HC player, as hopefully they have already played a soft-core doc.
its more or less the same builds, but the ehp requirements are in there (where to get stats cheaply and effecvtively, as well as overall). its not new information like i said :). many start with nothing (HC market is starting to tank a bit, but most new players cant afford set items, would be like 250m for a 90k dps WD). also worth considering many choose doc without having played one before simply because its one of the easiest in terms of survival, and HC is often seen as a "fresh start".
i guess after seeing many struggle with even common WD knowledge, i figured they needed a source within hc to see natural progression

i plan to make some revisions and add in more content, so thanks for the criticism.

EDIT: will do (first guide haha, still a learning process :) )
OK, give it some TLC and yell at me again.
I have performed a major revision of the guide. Decided it was time to differentiate the newer, more effective builds, from the older pre-1.08 builds.

It should be easier for someone reading the guide to home in on the best builds without having to read everything first.

Suggestions for changes, revisions, additions, are always welcome.
Added: Under Bat Builds

CoB End-game Progression Guide Everything you always wanted to know about Cloud of Bats (CoB) and using a Skorn; gear, builds, ubers, attack speed, videos. (Author: PaulNg)

Plague Bats: Thoughts and Techniques Everything you always wanted to know about Plague Bats. We discuss builds, attack speed, tactics, and other goodies. (Authors: Forum Members)
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