Tempest Rush "network disconnect" !!

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I have gotten "network disconnect" 3 times in the last hour this morning while running act 3 w/ 5 NV this is getting ridiculous I thought we were past all these technical fails blizzard. Only on my MONK while using TEMPEST RUSH. it seems the max movement speed breaks the server input and crashes
this problem has been affecting me again the last few days--only when playing my tempest Rush spec. It seems whenever I stop tempest rushing and restart again when at max movement speed the game can't keep up with the input, I hear a slight grinding tempest rush ability sound and It says "Network Disconnect". any1 else playing a TR monk experience this?
note: TR is set to right mouse key-I noticed other tech support threads w/ people having WW issues with it bound to right mouse. I wonder if this is related
I am having a number of disconnects w/ my TR build. It's REALLY !@#$ing annoying. Usually I'll get bounced shortly after getting my 5th NV but before I can find keywarden.
well im glad its not just me
I was going to post about it just now because the last 4-5 days it's been happening to me a lot.

It looks like it started when I began doing tempest rush build 100% of the time, and especially with Fleeting Shrine.

It looks like the game can't keep up with my position and just disconnect me.

Never ever had that network disconnect before 4-5 days.
Looks like both of you are monks, although Technoviking is not on a tempest rush build.

But CAD3, I am with you, I started using TR build few days ago and the disconnects are really bad. Never had them before that build.

Must be something related.
I am TR spec 95% of the time. I only go back to DW for ubers. network DCs only ever happened when using TR.
Well I am leveling a Witch Doctor and I am getting network disconnects. Its going from bad to worse recently. Its at the point now where its almost unplayable. No good.
Disconnected atleast 8 times in the last couple of hours.

Using a WW Barb, if that's in anyway related.

Will try my DH and see how that goes....
Right, so my strafe build demon hunter can do a full run (and then some) without disconnecting but my barb can't?
WW barbs have had an issue before with DCs martO although this is the first I have heard with Monks. I might remember something about WDs but it was not common. Interested to see how this turns out.
Disconnects for Whirlwind on Barbs and Tempest Rush on Monks have already been reported many times in the Bug Reports forum. They've stated they're looking into it but having a hard time reproducing it so they haven't been able to come up with any resolutions. If you can lay out the steps needed to reproduce it reliably, you should be posting there.
knockback mob + tempest rush = disconnect
My TR is on my right click.

The pattern I found for me is when I quickly left click, right click a few times. Like move, TR, move, TR, TR, network disconnect.
My TR is on my right click.

The pattern I found for me is when I quickly left click, right click a few times. Like move, TR, move, TR, TR, network disconnect.

Yes i have similat experiences this issue def involves stopping and restarting up TR on right click imo
With WW barb here on Act 3 always disconnects me... its getting crazy. I mean it never disconnects me when I am doing uber or hunting act 2 key...

really frustrated..
any news? it is still occurring

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