Anybody actually use Kiss of Death?

Witch Doctor
Tried it out, it looks really cool but the dmg is lacking especially considering that the aoe radius is less practical than the original skill.

I think this rune needs a huge dmg buff.

Does anyone use Kiss of Death successfully?
Or I think they should have this rune have a reduced mana cost in addition to the dmg boost. This would make it more attractive.
no range, at that close once again zbears rule.
This should be near spammable like fire bats, with added damage.

On second thought, it should act like napalm; less aoe, but those who've been hit don't need to stand in the puddle for the damage to continue. They'd be covered in it after the initial blast.
I do and i find it works great with SB as main attack has almost the same range as bears but it isnt hindered by waller and goes around corners and other terrain.... the residuals melt through stuff especially with a well placed grasp!!

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