Do you believe bizz didn't change drop rates?

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I was getting at LEAST 1 legendary per run before 1.06

I have gotten just 2 legendaries since 1.06

Its not random either. You dont go from 1 -3 every run to almost 0.
Yeah it was confirmed a while ago they changed the drop rates because of the AH, but then they denied it later on.
Proof? I agree with drops being affected by the AH, since being able to buy upgrades so easily obviously means good drops wont drop that much.

But its RNG. I went from 1+ a run to 0 for awhile. I stopped playing came back and within an hour found 9.
12/09/2012 02:24 AMPosted by Gohan
Yeah it was confirmed a while ago they changed the drop rates because of the AH, but then they denied it later on.

First of all the drop rates are not based entirely on the auction house. They cannot change the drop rates on the fly due to the availability of what is at the AH.

To all: Please put away your tinfoil hat, stay a while and listen. There is a simple reason why you are seeing what you are seeing. You are seeing something real simple. What is happening is something that I would love to be able to show you with numbers, but alas I cannot.

When patch 1.0.4 went live and through the whole patch I was getting legendaries at a rate of about 1 per 100 hours of play. This means that I took the time to average the amount of legendaries per hours played. Now when patch 1.0.5 hits I noticed that he amount of legendaries goes up. But this makes sense since they doubled the drop rates.

But later one when the drop rate begins to approach the new average you will see the legendaries tapper off. It has to, or it would mean that they raised the rates through the roof if legendaries kept dropping at the same exact rate that they did when the patch first went live. So you see less legendaries and assume that the drop rates have changed. But fail to notice if it has changed your average drop rate per hours played throughout the live of the patch.
They must of changed the drop rates.. I think they doubled them again :) Well at least for me maybe.

Since 1.06, I got for the first time 3 legendary drops in one alkaizer run. I've also twice seen two pillars of light off from one pack since the last patch.

I keep getting more and more legendary/set pieces the more I play. I also try to farm quicker and more efficiently every time I do xp/loot runs. I think there is a connection there.
Yes I believe it. I get just as much useless crap as I ever did.
I believe that Blizzard has ONLY ever changed the drop rates when they inform us.

I don't think we've gone a full day without a stealth nerf drop claim in over 4 months.
Why should I believe anyone crying wolf about it now?
same for me

like 1-2 legendary per 1-2 hours befoure 1.0.6. (the higher sold for 19kk EU)
Now? 3 days with ~~6hours per day and 4 legendaries. Crap

And tell me they didnt ;]

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