Can any WD solo mp10?

Witch Doctor
Just wanted to see if any could and ask what build they use :)

Also peak at the gear in their profile when they post lol
I can ;)
I can't T-T

MP 10 is the place for Skorn WD.
@eviLal - oh man your gear is insane. what skills do you use to do it (mp10 ubers)?

@Pingpong - aha then why not switch to a skorn?
Sure, most well geared can. It's just slow and tedious.
As Brahm says, it's just tedious, even if you are well geared.

Skorn is only really necessary for reflect mobs. For everything else, 3% life steal is fine.
MP10 with 3high end WD and 1 freeze lock wizard are fine if skill are set to support each other and use in good timer.
Yes, i use build in profile.
I find my 6% life steal very useful when im pulling a lot of monsters in bridge or when im facing a bunch of phase beast either elite or champion .. so it's not only useful against reflect damage :P
Ive only been doing MP8-10 recently. The other MP levels have been boring me with how easy it is. Farming for items / xp is only so much fun when you mow down everything without any challenge. Just like how I find it impossible to play MP0-3 even with it being 'the most efficient for farming'
I can solo MP10, it just takes forever like everyone says. I dont have problems with reflect dmg with my 0dogs spec. Right now I just farm MP7-8 for time efficiency/challenge balance. I've only tried up to MP7 ubers solo, ZK/Siege was a PITA, but I was able to solo all 3 ubers at MP7. I can do Ghom / SK at higher MP, ZK just is a pain in the butt so I never really do it higher than 7 solo.
I can solo MP10 :D.... I just die alot... that's all... but I can solo and clear MP10 :D
9 is pretty straightforward for me. I'll give 10 a shot soon, but I suspect it will be too slow for my taste (Note, if you see PtV on my profile it is from low MP speed farming, not for MP 9 content)
I can do 8, need more LOH and EHP for 9-10
Yeah, I can do it. It's not efficient in the least but it's doable. A key run on MP10 takes probably 30 minutes as opposed to 6-10 on MP7.
I can also solo MP10 :]

Btw, Has anyone beat Belial solo on MP10? I did it with a bud the other day, but I doubt if I could do it solo. He enrages too quick. MP10 Diablo and Azmo though, easy. Been running through the game at MP10, which is fine, but I die about once per two elite packs. Coming up on Butcher though, I'll tell you how it goes.
I've solo'd mp10, but does anybody bother with mp10 other than for keys/ubers? I find mp10 WAY too tedious and slow. Lets be honest here, telling ppl u can solo mp10 is purely for bragging rights. There's no rhyme or reason to 'farm' mp10 at all.
12/09/2012 01:52 AMPosted by Brahm
Sure, most well geared can. It's just slow and tedious.

I can. 0dogs build can do any mp.

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