am i rdy for inferno belial?

Demon Hunter
I aint sure about it. TBH he can easily 1-shot an unprepared DH so if you go then act quickly w/ dodging.
i aint get hitted by his stuff what i fear is running out of disc before i kill him
run with a group.
let THEM get hit first.
.... ok i need a real opinion
Took me a while to realize that you're playing hardcore.

I personally think you should be able to kill him.
Your AR and DPS is a bit on the low-side, but as long as you can dodge all of his attacks, you should be fine.

What you should REALLY worry about is if you can kill him before he enrages.

Here's my suggestion:
- Switch out one of your skills to Sentries and your Thrill of the Hunt to Custom Engineering.
- When you fight him, lay down the three turrets as soon as you can.

Because the turrets will continuously shoot regardless of what you're doing, this will shorten the boss killing time dramatically.

Best of luck to you friend!
thats really a good advice but, im not sure about what skill should i swicth losing any of those will put me in risk of dying but i think i can swap shadow power and get the sentry guardian turret
I would definitely suggest using Sentry (instead of SS), as the static dps it provides while you're moving should help out a lot. Guardian Turret is probably the best rune to go with since you're playing HC.

With the same idea in mind, Bola might be better than Hungering considering you'll be moving quite a bit and you'll want to hit as hard as possible when you do get a chance to attack. I'd probably use Spike Trap instead of EA too, for the same reason.

Honestly, I'd be more worried about actually getting to the third phase, than the third phase itself assuming you know the mechanics of the fight. I'd probably use Caltrops over Vault with this in mind.
lol i just raped the guy LOL
What skills did you end up using?
12/10/2012 10:49 AMPosted by Evilbïtch
lol i just raped the guy LOL

I was killing the pre-monsterpower belial wearing all blues on SC before i did him on HC. Helps to have a softcore DH to practice fights, though I guess the new inferno is a lot easier then it used to be.
Inferno Belial was the worst for me. I must have died 20 times to that guy in patch 1.0.4 and always in the third phase when green bombs were falling all over the place. Congrats on doing it HC! I had to get my DPS up to about 48K (with SS) in order down him by the 3rd round of bombardment.
12/10/2012 12:22 PMPosted by gotaplanstan
What skills did you end up using?

the same that im using atm. but i swap shadow power for sentry turrets
idk about 3rd phase he actually never did a bomb and it took me around 20 sec to kill him, looks like inferno its pretty nerfed atm

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