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Hi guys,

Recently got back in the game and I've got a quick q. With all the online calculators out there now, it's been a lot easier to look up EHP/DPS for chars, etc. I'm finding that often-times it's easy (cost-effective) to get to a high on-paper EHP level via Vit vs AR/Armor (mitigation). Does this work?

For example at one point, with some gear switching, I could have either ~70k life, 3.7 armor and ~360kEHP vs stacking AR/Armor and having ~45k life, 4k armor and ~300kEHP (Not sure of these 2 EHP numbers but I know they were more than 50k apart). I know which set of gears had higher EHP on paper but in all the threads that talk about high-end chars (cm, archon), the requirements all include 700+ allres, 43+ armor, etc. etc. which I wouldn't meet with my vitality-based build. But EHP-wise I'd meet the numbers or come pretty close.

So I guess the tldr version is: Vitality vs AR/Armor for EHP - does it matter where your EHP comes from?

P.S. I've got two sets of gear, one for cm and one for archon as well as some in-between pieces so whatever currently shows on my char is probably not really relevant to my post unless blizz char snapshot occurred at a good time :P
Yes it does matter.

Vit is a false inflative of EHP. The problem with stacking Vit is replenishing that high of health pool. LOH, Life REgen, potions, health globes, etc. have less affect on you the higher your HP is, which means it's harder to go back to full health. With mitigation stats instead of Vit you can get topped off faster meaning you are ready to take another hit.

So stack vit to the point where you can reliably get back to full in a couple seconds in fight (This range is usually 30-50k for most wizards, then go pure mitigation stats.

Here is a good thread I wrote on EHP that should explain things
Ic, thanks for the reply Kieble and the post, very informative!

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