High Paragon Barb XP Farming

Hey guys, I have a couple questions pertaining to the most efficient way to get to 100 paragon:

1) Leoric's Ring. Do you guys use one? Should I swap out my Unity for a Leoric's? I know lots of people use cold dmg SOJ's but I already breeze through trash on mp1/mp2 and elites drop extremely quickly.

2) MP Level. What MP would you guys recommend if I have approx. 125k unbuffed DPS with a mighty weapon MH? I always hear mp2-mp4 but I feel like mp3 and mp4 trash does not get killed by the tornadoes I fart behind me effectively enough. Too much unkilled trash. Thoughts?

Here's a great thread with advice I've used a lot: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004402493

Could also use this thread for just general barbarian XP farming tips.
I farm MP1-MP2, Alkaizer runs, can net an easy 60-70m/hour, more if I don't bother with drops. Any higher than 2 and mobs usually take a second pass to kill, which sacrifices efficiency.

For paragon leveling, Leoric's far outweighs cold SoJ and a Leoric's with 25%+ bonus xp is relatively cheap (30m on AH last I checked). I run with 203.1% bonus experience on MP2 when 5-stacked.

Pick up radius is great to get on gear so that one can be picking up gold piles without going out of the way, and the IK 5 set is nice to have and stack with Unforgiving passive so you can always be sprinting. Overpower with Momentum is great for keeping up WOTB, as is Bash with Instigation.

24% Movement Speed is a must.
Could I get some help with my guy I find Im having a lot of trouble farming efficiently. I changedmmy build got more resist but I still find myself not being able to keep WOTB for more then maybe a minute max. Im very close to just stopping using it cause its so frustrating.
Alright, just bought myself a Leoric's. I'm not sure if I need IK 5 piece though because I can already keep sprint up near 100% of the time quite easily (I only pick up legendaries and amulet/ring/shoulder/1h weapon rares, occasionally boots and some others if I don't have to backtrack for them).

@Felandro, keeping WoTB up all the time is impossible at any MP below 3, really. That should not be your goal. Just keep it up for as long as possible. If fury isn't a problem, switch out Unforging passive for Boon of Bul-kathos so you can have WoTB up more.
I've been running MP 3 though. Is my crit just not high enough. I've heard enchantress is better than scoundrel by uberjager. Should I disregard and get him for more crit though?
Your crit should be high enough. You should be using templar for paragon farming, his 8% fury generation passive is the best thing to have.

I recommend getting 2-piece IK asap. Your lamentation is quite decent, so you should look for IK gloves and IK chest. You might as well get IK boots too, since you're already using MS boots and the 3-piece bonus is underrated.

I am able to keep up WoTB up permanently in MP3, but that is only when I use the MH you see in my armory page. I can't do it with a mace. You should try using a mighty weapon instead of your EF. I also recommend bumping down to MP2.

Also ditch your current lacunis for some CC ones, they're cheap as hell now.
I haven't looked at my armory recently but I now have IK belt and boots. Should I go for chest too? I really don't wanna replace my gloves cause its a pretty decent trifecta
12/07/2012 05:18 PMPosted by Felandro
I haven't looked at my armory recently but I now have IK belt and boots. Should I go for chest too? I really don't wanna replace my gloves cause its a pretty decent trifecta

Since you can't keep up wotb simply don't use it :) Change it to HotA - Slam (the one that ups the damage to 406%) I run mp1 act3, sometimes full clears (Starting on the kill siege quest) or sometimes alk runs w/other areas thrown in depending on my mood. I started doing this run maybe 3 days ago and have gained 8 PL (45-53) You may be worried about losing the CC wotb gives you, but you will kill most of the elites before they can pop the frozen/jailer the first time anyways

IMO if you can do a run on mp1 very fast I wouldn't make minor upgrades. Save save save for major upgrades, heck some may even drop for you like my lacunis and litany did :)

Good luck
Thanks for the help so I got an upgrade to my hellfire ring and I'm like .03 from reaching the next breakpoint should I get rid of my other ring and bump up the damage a bunch or go for the next breakpoint?
I personally don't keep track with the breakpoint stuff, if I did I'm sure I would do more dps, but for what I am trying to accomplish now (tons of exp/saving gold for big upgrades) I don't worry about it much but the info out there is great, people swear by it.

I know its hard to save save save, I do get the itchy buyout finger everynow and then as well, but saving would be my advice to you if you can do those fast clears and if thats what you enjoy doing.
Been running MP1 with pretty good results. I'm not wearing my farming gear right now, but my profile must be showing the gear and build. Basically, if you see a Skorn then I'm using my regular gear. If there's a sun keeper in there, build/gear is for farming mp1.

Build works awesome BTW. I think it is onnthe same playing field as WW in terms of low mp farming efficiency.
Bump. Thanks for the feedback, guys.

What MP do you find the best balance between kill speed and fury generation?
The best items for EXP farming:
- Hellfire ring
- Ruby socketed helm
- Leoric's
- IK 5 piece
mp1 with the 5 piece set and unforgiving as a passive is the best for me for kill speed
Bump. I'm still doing endless MP2 Alkaizer runs.

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