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Drops are not consistent! With 1.05 I got like 20 legendary drops in about 20 minutes (one time I do recall). Now one a day if at all. This is not consistent. What is relevant is the gaming experience which tells the story. But, I am asking myself, so what? We asked for quality improvement on the loot drops, not quantity! Blizz just cannot get this right :( I stand amazed and perplexed by Blizz's inability and stupidity to address gamer community concerns.

EDIT: The same does apply in my gaming experience in terms of key drop rates. Not consistent.
I have gotten the key 8/10 times on MP5, Must be bad luck or something.
Did you have 5 stacks of Neph? Anyways since everyone is having bad luck on MP5, I'm doing MP2/MP3 for speed and I actually got some drops there.

PS. Mersene's twister > C random which is obviously what Blizzard is using.

Even DOTA2 was smart enough to finally realize pseudo random in gaming is the way to go.
0/24 Act 1 MP4. But every third time I do a short key run after an alkaizer session on MP1, I find one. I have 9 Act 3 keys right now, 4 Act 2 ones and cannot find a single Act 1 one.

Consider it bad luck and know you're not alone there ;)
Drop rates havent changed? This is the first popular topic about key rates since keys were implemented months ago, suddenly nobody is getting keys? A few of the people on my list that were playing quit over the last week or so, the last thing they were saying is how suddenly keys dont drop. "10 mp5 runs no key, disgust" now they dont even login. Even I feel the lack of key drops, and I too am about to quit in disgust. I had 10 act1 keys a week after keys were introduced, the drop rate was accurate if you did 10 mp5 key runs youd get 4-6 keys. Now if you do 10 mp5 key runs you will get 0-2 keys.

Diablo 3 = the ugliest troll on the entire internet.
The over 20 runs Act 2 in last 2 days. I have done MP2 - MP5. I have only found 1 key. I hate Act 2 key farming the most.

Oh, and no legendarys. I guess I have had a run of "bad luck" as well.

Try playing at a high MP level for the increased drop rate.
it took a while with about 100k in repair bills but managed at the end. sucks didnt get anything though.
I have a theory, which is probably not true, but the probability still exists. What if that percentage, wait for it!

Is influenced by your proc rate? You use the wrong skill to kill a keywarden, your screwed.
When I got keys I was using skills with high proc rate. The last few runs I had bad luck with, was with AoE low proc skills.
I keep seeing complaints of Act 2 and not being able to get full NV easy enough, then having a tough time finding the KW. Do you guys not realize there are always 5 elites in the Oasis? Just run the Oasis and kill all five. You'll find the KW at the same time and know exactly where to go back to to kill him.

Unless that is you're botting and need to find 5 prior to getting to Oasis to avoid killing him before getting your stack full.

My runs are usually done at MP2 so I can do them fast. I get more keys/hour on MP2 than any other level.
12/12/2012 02:14 PMPosted by SharkBait
I keep seeing complaints of Act 2 and not being able to get full NV easy enough, then having a tough time finding the KW. Do you guys not realize there are always 5 elites in the Oasis? Just run the Oasis and kill all five. You'll find the KW at the same time and know exactly where to go back to to kill him.

And if you find him before you're on NV5, there's still the Black Canyon Mines and Alcarnus for two, sometimes three extra packs. I do it just like that. But that doesn't have any influence on the drop rates. Though I've been mostly lucky on Act 2 so far.

@Marc2485: Not all of us can do that. Anything above MP5 and I get my !@# handed to me. Complete roflstomp. If it were that easy, we'd all be playing MP10 for keys.
Badluck here as well but meh mp8 7act2 runs for 2 keys is fkn crazy, I wished I had this luck irl, I would win the lottery everytime...

Anyway quick tip is, get to vault of the asassins (its a checkpoint), get 5 stacks, run around dalgur like a madman, kill the kw, relog and resume, you'll still be in VOTA, rinse and repeat. VOTA is in desolate sands.
12/11/2012 11:19 AMPosted by Dickies
I've noticed a large drop in key drops too. I do alkaizer runs on MP2 and stop by the keywarden afterwards to try for a key. Right now I'm on 26 runs without a key. It used to be every 4-5 runs on MP2 per key for me. I am not really complaining since I am not doing the runs specifically for the keys and I've gotten a legendary or two in almost every single run since the keys stopped dropping.

Now up to 33 runs without a key. I realize it's only a 20% chance on MP2, but this seems ridiculous.
33 tries on a 20% chance you have a .06% chance of not getting a key. You are either very unlucky or doing something wrong. (I used a binomial calculation to find the percentage)
Even with you being able to choose one attribute, this ring is garbage. Random rare rings give you a better chance to get something you can use, or sell. Don't waste time on farming keys, farms mobs.
+35% experience is one of the best parts of this ring. That's what makes it so good, and the fact that it gets at least 180 of your main stat plus 4 random stats. The ring is the best you can get really, just need to get some good rolls. The one Im wearing is my first try, its not perfect but its pretty good.
Every time this comes up it turns into a discussion of probability and confirmation bias. I don't doubt that drop rates haven't been changed, but my own experience getting keys has been so awful that I'm wondering if there is a bug in the formulas that determine whether keys drop.

I like the idea that proc coefficients might be affecting it by mistake, and I hadn't considered whether entering the area before getting your NV stacks affects it.
I guess that "luck" has it's own will...
I was trying to go on MP4 for more XP and drops (and a bit more chance for the key to drop), but died too much for it to be worth, so I went back to MP3 and guess what? I've got more keys dropping than before... I know that put in cold numbers, I have 10% less chance for a drop now, but that's how it seems to me...
Collecting NV isn't that bad either, since I've got my best drops so far from white mobs, before even having 5 stacks...
All runs done in A2+3, ofc I had Neph5:
7 runs mp5: 0 keys
many runs mp7: 0 keys
6 runs mp9: 2 keys
1 run mp10: 1 Key (wow, 100% !!)

Unlucky or broken game or broken account? But something is wrong for sure.
I used to actually get about 8/10 on mp8. Recently I've been getting closer to 3/10 regularly. It's not enough to say it's not RNG, but I've definitely noticed a difference.

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