What bow is right for me?

Demon Hunter
I'm going to be using a Thunder ball/Spike trap build for high MP's, but I'm having a tough time deciding between Calamity and Manticore.

I love the high trap damage with a Manticore, but I also like the speed for stun locking that Calamity brings. Right now I'm messing around with a calamity with Bat and Custom engineering.

This isn't a which bow is better thread, but which one do you think would fit my play style and my goals better? Thanks!
I use spike trap with custom engineering for high MP levels very effecitvely.

If you are dead-set on a stun-lock build, I would recommend the calamity. If you want to do more dps, switch your bola for hungering arrow and grab a manticore.

I've tried both but feel my eHP is high enough to leave stun locking behind and instead benefit from the significantly higher DPS from a manticore.

Stun-locking is good in solo games but when you're playing with monks/barbs and cm wizards, you'll probably wish you had the extra dps from a manticore.
I appreciate the help, I actually run with a CM wizard a lot. So you're probably right. Manticore would be the way to go.
Agree with Sephiroth. The only reason I run with a Calamity is because I do a lot of solo, and so I like the resource generation of the fast attack speed and added crit chance from archery.

That and I think it looks cool. Not as cool as dual wielding...ah how I miss dual wielding.
If u plan on sticking with your DH and investing alot of time in him/her, I would say get the Manticore, and then start stacking items with IAS. I use light bolts, and I feel once you got your CC to about 50% and your attack speed to around 2 attacks per sec, it works very well. So Calamity if you want a quick fix, or manticore if you are prepared to stack IAS.

That being said you know blizzard loves nurfing skills that people do builds around, so be prepared to lose Lightning bolts some day....lol

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