Can I handle Azmodan Hell (10)?

I'm wiz p6, with meh gear. Been running most of a3 hell on mp10 with mostly no problems. Should I risk it?
Why would you want to kill him in hell mp10 is probably the question you should ask yourself.
I suppose to gear check myself
My Wiz did Hell Azmo on MP5 just last night with similar stats as you.

I have about about 800 or so more armor and roughly 5k less DPS.

The whole fight took me roughly 3.5 minutes.

Don't let his minions spawn, and keep the heat on him. The only time you shouldn't be in Azmo's face is when he uses the fireball.
idk why you want to gear check , esp in HC .
Thanks WhiteOwl, I didn't have a problem with him.

12/10/2012 09:58 PMPosted by BunnyBear
idk why you want to gear check , esp in HC .

Just wanted to see if I could do it, really.
I cant understand why people would run hellmp10 when they could be getting better loot from act3 inferno mp0
Haven't unlocked it yet duder
Don't do it. You'll kick yourself if you die on your 'gear check'
Do it. It's called hardcore for a reason. I wondered the same thing about soloing azmo on act 3 inferno without any to tank for me, and I learned that I can kill azmo cuz im the best
your dogs, garg, and follower don't count as tanks?
some people do it on there plvl runs.
I did it and survived. This is HC (like ShaboiJD said) and I wanted to test myself. There was a moment when a meteor got a bit too close and my heart jumped, but other than that, I fared well.

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