Which Spike Trap do you prefer? DH trap Build

Demon Hunter
Echoing Blast? or Scatter? Maybe even others?

I'm currently playing around with the idea.................

most people use echoing blast, it does the most damage over 3 seconds
I prefer scatter. All 3 go off at the same time. Does take some practice on how to lay them down so they all explode
I love the trap build, and spent a significant amount of time trying to decide between echoing blast and scatter. Basically, scatter is best for white mobs and echoing is just unreal against champ packs. Since whites shouldn't pose a problem if you are farming at an appropriate MP level, echoing is really the way to go.

Either way, I would really recommend dropping perfectionist for custom engineering. You won't see the benefit on your stat sheet, but your effective dps and farming speed will increase significantly.
Echo for higher mp, scatter for lower
I use Scatter the most. I use Echoing Blast for Ubers. Echoing Blast is great against single targets but I can spam Scatter and decimate mobs and elites packs. It doesn't matter what MP level I'm playing, actually at lower MP levels I don't even need to use traps.
lower mp i dont use trap builds at all...too slow.

mp7+, use EB spike traps + imminent doom bola + bait the trap (standing on it), it clears a whole group in 2-3s
and Custom Engineering is good too, in very high mp uber fight, as spike traps would be your main damage sources, with guardian turrents for dmg reduction
i use echoing blast with custom engineering... more traps means more fun! LOL!

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