Any 2 Piece Natalya's CM Wiz out there?


Anyone have a price check or an offer for the item above?

Natalya's Reflection:

150 int
9% IAS
4% CC
any one?
No AR so not a lot. I really want CC on mine but I don't want to give up the AR, armor or vit so it is hard to find a replacement.
Check AH, but that is an amazing ring. Probably worth > 500 mil
not 500mil imo, 500 mil means it has ar on it

Yeah its probably over 100 mil cause of the int roll as well, ure looking at a limited market imo tho b/c most sns wizzes want ar on as many pieces as they can
12/07/2012 01:39 PMPosted by SteelPhantom
not 500mil imo, 500 mil means it has ar on it

Yeah i think it is under 500m for sure definitely over 100m
Thanks for the help guys I will probably be AHing it once some of my auctions end keep an eye for it if you want it or make me an offer! :D
ar or armor :-)
LoH ftw!~
Somewhere between 100 to 200M. Depends how much price competition there is on that high of an Int roll.

3CC Int Nat's rings are now sub 100M. Yours being 4CC should keep it in nine digits.

Price it to move. Anything less than 6CC is losing value by the day. Nat's rings without CC are going for under 3M now if they're relatively trash.
ffs nats rings without cc are down to 3mil, man thats crazy
Yeah I would let it go for the right offer of course by no means am I looking for 500m lol
well its up for open bid on the AH now :D
c/o: 2-3ish
B/o: 200m <--which i believe is fair
lol crazynesssss...looking to get a decent nats ring with CD instead of CC and they still around 50m for a good one. waiting for that to drop!
ah i see, well its only at 46m on the ah atm shame if it goes for under 100m. Would be cheap to a cm wizz.

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