Ultimate dps SNS?

I am Currently running with the core skills

Nova - Bone Chill
Explosive - Chain reaction
Diamond skin - Shards
Storm armor - SA
Twister - WW
Magic weapon - blood magic/electrified / familiar - cannoneer

Cold blooded

So here are my thoughts, I have been unable to decide which of the following gives most dps increase magic weapon - electrified or familiar - cannoneer. Both gives noticeable dps increase from their AoE but magic weapon also gives a passive +10%. I do not know how
often the electrified proccs and its only 10% to 3(?) targets, the cannoneer however explodes in a radius, anyone tried these 2 and compared?

Share your thoughts on the ultimate dps SNS!

P.S Yes I realise meteor is prolly the absolute best, but that requires alot of APOC and/or preferibly large packs.
I just swapped out GC for conflag and swapped in venom hydra instead of MW/Fam its working wonders tbh, freeze the mobs at one spot and let the hydra stack up the dots
It should "adds fire damage", and yea hydra is really sweet tbh, massive damage I am noticing now
Try it!
Chant's wand does not trigger conflag unless you are using spectral blades or you run out of AP and do a white attack.
It should "adds fire damage", and yea hydra is really sweet tbh, massive damage I am noticing now

Ya, hydras are really strong. I'm not sure why no one has tried this combo before.

But conflag doesn't add fire damage. It adds 10% damage to anything that is dealt fire damage.

Why would anyone use Hydra over Magic Weapon variants for increased DPS? I very much doubt a Hydra of any sort would increase your DPS by Magic Weapons base 10%.

Plus the fact SNS is already 8 x sheet dps. With magic weapons +10% making that 100k sheet dps(effectial 800kdps) be 110k(effectial 880kdps). Hydra cannot compare.
conflag also triggers if u wear fire walkers
Maybe not accordig to the maths, I am not sure, but it is making a big difference I must say (hydra)
Would love to have dps meters in game.
12/07/2012 04:41 PMPosted by Aphraell
Would love to have dps meters in game.

I'd appreciate a combat log.txt more that can be parsed.
Yea but he is running GC as 3rd passive +15% damage. Which I do alot too these days. But substituting in a flame hydra for meteors is still viable(if using conflag over GC), as it wont break your SNS freezing like meteors can.

Plus that 10% conflag bonus is party wide too. Be pretty good on Ubers in a group.
Yea, Conflag + mammoth hydra could be something, gonna try it aswell
Its not very good.
The answer is teleport. Tricky huh?
12/07/2012 03:33 PMPosted by Sevenzius
Share your thoughts on the ultimate dps SNS!

Ultimate in dps for a SNS style build.


Meteor shower actually has a slightly higher damage ratio average when you cast it over molten impact, better total proc too. Using it solo to reset your cooldowns while spamming 1-2-3(or your assigned hotkeys) for shards, nova, eb. Coupled with SA and wormhole for cc avoidance.

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