Need major help.

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this or not, but just looking for some help.

I got Diablo 3 at launch, never had a problem with it, I didn't play it much due to school/work at the time.
I recently have tried to come back to it, but my Battle.Net account is linked to an email that was deleted after someone tried to hack into it numerous times.
I sadly don't remember my Battle.Net username/password, and can't get a password resent to my email or anything like that.
I submitted a ticket, even sending picture proof of my ID and following all instructions trying to get my account fixed or something.

And every time I try to call the Blizzard support number, it's constantly busy and I cannot talk to anyone.

It's been months and I've tried a dozen of times, and nothing.
I really don't want to go out and spend 60 more dollars.

Can anyone help here?
Alsawr ,

I'm sorry, but no. It all has to be done via talking to our Billing personnel. I have no way in a forum to verify any identifying information about you which is going to be required to regain access to an account if it's possible to do so.

Some tips for calling as provided by frequent poster MissCheetah:

1. The phone lines are always full these days (They support all of D3, WoW, and Starcraft). Spam dial immediately until you get in queue and then stay there!
2. Cell phones hate being on hold and can disconnect. Use a land line (free in the US) or Skype (free to download and call them with anywhere in the world).
3. Be prepared for a 45 min + wait on hold
4. Be prepared to prove your identity by answering questions or giving game keys
5. If you get it resolved on the phone, remember to cancel any tickets you have in the system to reduce the backlog there.

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