Item damage changes when moving in stash

Bug Report
While doing some housekeeping on my dwindling stash space (we could really use more than 3 tabs!), I discovered that a bow was showing odd, changing stats.

In the first screenshot, you'll see that it appears to give 12,000 (green text) damage, but has a negative sign on the number, instead.

In the second screenshot, you'll see that after moving the bow to a different spot in the stash and back again, it changes to 10,000 damage, and again has a negative symbol despite the green text.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

In either case, I wouldn't expect more than approximately +400 damage.

Anyone else notice this before?
Really? Screenshots and everything, but no reply from a blue?
Your screen shots are the essentially the same. I see green -12k on the bow for both screenshots.
Bah! Thanks shiggity!

Here's the correct image showing the -10k damage.
Sharpshooter should not be having any effect on the screenshots, particularly since there is no combat taking place (for the counter on Sharpshooter to be used up), nor does it explain a NEGATIVE damage value with GREEN (positive) text.

Incidentally, this is now being seen on another item in my Stash. The first screenshots were of a bow, now the same is happening with a 1h mace. (-19k dmg w green text) (same item, now -16k dmg w green text)

One more shot, also showing an odd combination +/- symbol on the damage, not affecting any other items. Note how the left side of the symbol is gone, looking like a sideways T.

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