Is Sharpshooter worth using?

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12/12/2012 01:17 AMPosted by MONKEYBOY
SS is really good if you have low crit chance... anybody disagreeing with this is a moron.

Does that makes me a moron since I disagree?

SS is not only good if you have low crit chance. Higher crit chance means faster build up time to perfect critical.
I Think SS is good obviously
SS is a low level skill as is smoke screen.

When low level is trying to boost every bit of damage sharpshooter is great, however soon as you can crit enough, usually above 30 it becomes a useless skill.

The same can be said about smoke screen and shadow power. At low level you do not do enough dps to make shadowpower/gloom worthwhile, so a player usually uses smoke screen untill properly geared.

Steady aim also becomes useless at high mp levels. Your dh will hardly be away 20yards from elite packs. So this skill becomes wasted 75% of the time. With crit up to 25-30 using caltrops +10, night stalker begins to pay off in juicy discipline. This allows higher level dh to stay in gloom forever without having to go either nats sets.

passives i found work best
archery-good damage boost
night stalker-refills discipline on crit
perfectionist-health and res

I didn't bother to read the whole thread but this is very misinform. I used to think SS was just an ego boost skill and only work well with slow weapon until I did a deep research on it.

People fail to realize what makes SS good is not that one crit but the one second window after the first crit that all your shots are locked down with that crit chance. So imagine a DH with 2-3 APS unloaded 10 Ball Lightnings with 100% crit chance. After the first one crit the rest will also crit as well with 100% chance locked down. If you use 1H xbow and stack crit chance with Bait & Switch you can almost lock all your shots at 100% and with enough crit dmg nothing will really be alive after all that crits until you move on to your next group you'd be right at 100% again.

That being said the "ego" dps becomes your true dps if you're always at 100% chance so the higher the crit chance the more effective the skill is. I don't play my DH much anymore but when I do I see nothing but yellow numbers.

Calling Smoke Screen a low lvl skill is pretty foolish is the skill that allow DH to cheat death and farm Inferno without any resist or vit if you're good at timing. You try playing a DH on hardcore without it and see how far Shadow Power + Gloom alone gets you when you run into heavy cc packs.
I use it for MP10 farming and paragon leveling. You can get away with having less crit chance while still dishing out heavy AoE.

I didn't bother to read the whole thread but this is very misinform. I used to think SS was just an ego boost skill and only work well with slow weapon until I did a deep research on it.

It's quite understandable that some people may call ShSh as low level skill since they know nothing of the real benefits of it, but Smokescreen too? That's like downright opposite of low level, not sure that guy is trying to be funny or not.

In my very own opinion, high level means doing stuffs that require skills to perform very well, and since it's not easy, you can outperform by utilizing those skills. Smokescreen for sure doesn't make it very easy for players to use. Gloom last for 5 seconds, while ss up to 1.5s, and in this period, you're allowed to do things that ensure your survivor, like heal from ls, running away. Gloom? I don't think you need more maneuver than ss. It's about control, more resource management, timing, positioning, last hitting etc.

Back on topic,!TWe!abaYcc
is the build I'm using for sharpshooter, I haven't managed to hit the breakpoint of one hitting the elites or find out methods of dealing with reflect without one shot-ing myself.

The idea is to let shsh build up, pop up gloom and launch Fan of knives, killing everything while healing back to full. I use evasive fire - hardened because of the extra armour/no disc expenditure and most importantly, single target fire. The fast attacking will take advantage of the shsh 1sec reset, and clean up those mob that never die from fov. Since it's only single targetting, I don't proc crit as often to reset shsh. Thanks to blizz, the proc coeff is low too.
Those trash mob that managed to escape, I'll just ToC over them and lure them back to my sentries. Rinse and repeat. I use pursuit since I'm almost always have full hatred. Can change to custom engineer for more traps, or Thrill of the hunt to lock the leftovers for sentry to finish off.

Archery is kinda good for sharpshooter even though as opposed to some others. The build up time was cut by more than 3 seconds. Know how good the 3 sec saved are? Anyway, your shsh dps should be around 110k - 120k for mp1 and rest follows by the monster power chart provided by blizz. Shouldn't be hard to hit this mark, i got 200k dps by shsh even with lousy gears.
I am at 52.5%cc and for (me) i have found SS completely useless.
I already crit almost every single hit i dish out, so why use SS at this high of level of CC?
It just isnt worth it when you can have another skill in that slot that could be much more useful.
Now i dont agree with people who say after 30-34% range its useless, thats still very low CC for a DH w/o SS.
I used SS and found it very useful up to around 45-50%, but like everyone is saying.
more cc=alot more gold
IT is so much easier and cheaper to get gear with just CD and use SS for CC boost
but if you have the gold. Buy the damn cc x.x
It's something you bring when you'll have low fire rare and each hit counts.

Like when you bring a strong skill that consumes lots of hatred, and run around a lot between shots.
depends on your skills and playstyle...e.g. burst DPS skills...

e.g. you can lay out 6 echoing blast traps knowing that they will all crit and have the mobs walk into it.

ditto with cluster arrow...

its ok with ball lightning (despite this not being a burst skill) due to slow travel speed of the balls...the first few balls will all be 100% crit if you shoot fast enough
Here is my take on Sharpshooter - It is all relative to your play style and skills used ALSO the MP you are playing on. Before High Level MP's I felt SS was an optimal skill to use. It is still excellent on lower MPs. Especially if you have a very fast rate of fire due to the the amount of attacks you can squeeze out before that 1 second reset. At about 2.6 Attacks a second it is relatively easy to pump out 4 Ball Lightnings 4 Hungering Arrows - Spray of Teeth and a Cluster Arrow. This was my general play style in 1.03 When I had 150k DPS without SS on. It would easily obliterate just about any pack of monsters and if you are smart it is easy to control a group via kiting and skills. Ball Lightnings are slow moving and Hungering Arrows are relatively fast where as a Cluster Arrow is almost instant. With a little bit of practice it is easy to pick up this style. However once you get to an MP where bust DPS wont kill a pack instantly then I would say it is safer to switch to more accommodating skills. Is it needed? No. Is it fun to blow !@#$ up with a huge burst DPS? Yes. SS Can be an instrumental part of your build if you use your skills correctly, although I do say that it wont ALWAYS be 100% Reliable.

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