Is Sharpshooter worth using?

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I think the skill is mainly to brag about how much dps you tote.. which in the end really means nothing.

What is someones raw dps, unbuffed with no crit damage exactly?

FYI, your attempted personal attack totes backfired, bro. Calling me a dual wield credit card warrior necessarily implies that you think my stuff is good. Thanks. I havent ever touched the RMAH -- I don't even have a credit card or something like that yet, let alone parents who would ever buy me pixels online. I just have to LOL hard at the thought of having to ask my parents to buy me D3 items. Oh man.. that was good thanks for the laugh.

Sharpshooter is bad for good players; i.e. players with >45% or so CC. Want to argue that good players aren't stacking CC? Sorry, it's simply not true. Any high geared player incorporates CC into his build. No one argues with this, so doing so would be utterly ignorant and foolish. CC is a BiS affix for any class, especially DH.

Your only argument focuses on the use of the word "pro" and it being a source of annoyance to you. Cool story, bro. It says nothing about the mechanics of sharpshooter, whereby it is not useful after a certain point given the way CC works. Arguing here is simply ignorant, which is why so many people are mocking you.

You can complain about people saying "pro" or "bad" and about how you think anyone with half decent gear must be a 'credit card warrior' if it makes you feel better, but it doesn't prove any points. Sorry
SH SH is over inflated temporary DPS. Yes the 3% cc bonus is nice, but when you are dealing with mp 8-10 a better alternative would be perfectionist. You cant call someone a noob or a scrub for gearing a specific way. It depends on ones play style.

I imagine that Sh SH will be very OP with PvP. Currently there are better passives. I dropped Sh Sh back in 1.0.2.

So if you are running low mp lvl and need the extra boost then go for sh sh. If you are running higher mp use w/e u feel better suites your play style. Yes, as many ppl have mentioned, Sh Sh was used as a epeen booster, thats why it has such a bad rep.
People are getting pretty hostile for no apparent reason. No matter how you get your gear, a passive is a passive. There are basically three results when you choose a passive. Either it's the most effective one for your build, you simply like it, or it's not the most effective one. If you like using SS, go for it. Nobody is telling you to stop. What some people are saying (me included) is that SS is valuable up to a point, but after you reach a certain point, other passives surpass it in terms of DPS (or as some of you are arguing, effective DPS).

JaceAltair is clearly showing his support for it. Yes, you have also shown that it isn't detrimental to your build. Your suggestion that critical hit damage has anything to do with SS doesn't make sense though, since critical hit chance (ie: what SS gives you) only affects the frequency, not the magnitude, of critical hits. What you seem to not want to hear is that it's effectiveness is reduced with higher CC and that other skills might be more beneficial. With your CC, I would argue that it is viable and not a terrible decision (though with the archery bonus of 10% CC, you might be a bit high for it). Once you start getting higher CC, SS resets so often (especially if you are a hand crossbow user) that you don't gain much of a benefit from it. You'll get low amounts of CC generated before it just resets itself. In terms of effective DPS, SS gives you reduced effects the higher you get.

There's more than one way to play the game. Nobody is saying (or should be saying) that you have to do something otherwise you're doing it wrong. What I'm saying is that from a DPS and survivability standpoint, SS becomes inferior when you reach a certain level of gearing.

I just made a spreadsheet to illustrate my point. I'll give you a couple samples. Please note that I simplified the math by ignoring the compounding effect of SS for missed critical hits to make it even more conservative in favour of SS. If you've got 10% CC at 1.5 attacks per second, it will take at most 10 shots before you land a hit (statistically speaking). It will take you 6.7 seconds to shoot 10 shots at that attack speed, so the maximum benefit from SS is 20% CC added. If you've got 30% CC at the same attack speed, it should take you 3.3 shots before you should land a critical hit. Multiply that by the SS bonus and you gain only 6.7% extra CC at best. As you can see, with lower CC, it adds an extremely valuable effect. At higher CC, the effect begins to degrade quite quickly (almost exponentially). This isn't to say it's useless, but it does give rise to discussion of potentially better options which is what I'm trying to say here.
^Hopefully that guy wasn't directing that post at me, lmao. Makes no sense if he is
Look at that someone is mad and jelly

You can keep pretending you are not sad by typing those meaningless 'LOL'

Getting mad over a video game is really really sad.

LoL What?

Mad and Jelly? ROFL!?

I think you are confused. . . why would I be even jealous, of WHO??? Of you? Well I doubt it's you, because I've got better gear than you anyway on my Barb and DH. And there's no reason of me to be jealous or mad on anyone, because I know what I can do, and I've proven it a lot of times.

Point is you people need to stop pretending that you are the know it all, the Topic is if Sharp Shooter is worth it, and it is very worth to use, as I've said before, not everyone are lucky with gear and not everyone are Wallet Warriors. . . Stop saying "Oohh but the TOP Demon Hunters(mostly RMAH users, deny it and you're an idiot) on Diabloprogress don't use Sharp Shooter, I shouldn't use it too, other people are gonna make fun of me!" ROFL!

You want to know what's really sad? People like you who think that their way of gameplay is the only PRO one, LOL! Whatever PRO means to you anyway.

Just look at your Comment;

12/08/2012 06:38 PMPosted by Contra
It's only 'good' if this is the first week you are playing D3.

Spoken like a true ignoramus xD

JaceAltair EU Server

DH Stun Build Trolling Elites and Ubers on MP10
12/08/2012 06:50 PMPosted by Alesso
I havent ever touched the RMAH

Sure. . . Haha!

Would have been Plausible if you atleast pretended to kill atleast 30,000 Elites. . . I bet you even Contra who has the same philosophy as you, with 87,000 Elite kills won't believe you LOL!

And Good Luck with your 1.1Billion Bid on that awesome Vile Ward! Wherever your Gold is coming from ^_^

JaceAltair EU Server

DH Stun Build Trolling Elites and Ubers on MP10
once you reach higher mp levels, ss is useless imo.
Never bring yourself down to using SS
12/08/2012 07:08 PMPosted by JaceAltair
I havent ever touched the RMAH

Sure. . . LOL!

Keep the compliments on my play coming ;)
It flatters me that in your mind my gear is only achievable via credit cards. It really does :)
What most players don't consider is that the reset happens 1 second AFTER the first critical hit so nuke skills that fire far in-between may not be as efficient compared to like a stacked Echoing Blast or a flurry of Ball Lightnings

SS use depends a lot on the play style, if you kite w/o shooting then holding back the 10-15 secs would be efficient for SS

@JaceAltair @Alesso
Some people are lucky enough to get good drops to upgrade quickly but I don't see why RMAH is that bad. I mean if I was the first one who saw that 1300dps 100CHD socket EF at 250euro, I would buy it in a hearbeat... then I would LMAO at all those "lol RMAH gear" when I show them the 7500 euro I got from flipping the RMAH gear I just bought.
Good post, Genesis.
I havent ever touched the RMAH

Sure. . . Haha!

Would have been Plausible if you atleast pretended to kill atleast 30,000 Elites. . . I bet you even Contra who has the same philosophy as you, with 87,000 Elite kills won't believe you LOL!

And Good Luck with your 1.1Billion Bid on that awesome Vile Ward! Wherever your Gold is coming from ^_^

Actually it could also prove that this little dude just found a massive drop and geared up, or maybe even played it smart on the AH with some flips. So any johnny donuts could find some amazing drop and then browse the forums and search profiles or diabloprogress and xcopy the highest paragon for their class down to the gear and build. So they can just look "Pro" in their definition of pro, and be called "top" by their peers.

Or better yet, a player could just run a bot with some fortunate found gear, and hit p100 and be called "Pro" by these cats on the forums.

Or even still, run a bot on some other account and then gear up their "real" account, where they smash their face on the keyboard, and then start drooling as they furiously type one liners on the forums about how players are noobs if they use a passive that their idols don't.

Could have 200k dps without Sharpshooter but spend half the time dead because they can't actually control their class. Therein turning their effective dps into 0. But it doesn't matter, they can continue to be carried or just talk on the forums as if they know everything when all they really did was copy from some other brilliant player before them and don't even know or understand why.
12/08/2012 08:24 PMPosted by Nehalem
Some people are lucky enough to get good drops to upgrade quickly but I don't see why RMAH is that bad.

I've nothing against people who uses the RMAH, but when I see people who Obviously Bought their gear there, flaunt it and acts all *raises four fingers* "PRO", that's just really sad. . . funny thing is they don't even have a Demon Hunter and they think in their own mind, they're "Pro Passives" are the only ones worth using ROFL!

JaceAltair EU Server

DH Stun Build Trolling Elites and Ubers on MP10
whether he bought his gear or not is irrelevant. Sharphshooter is useless in high mp.
If you have 40-50% crit chance, sharpshooter can be ignored :)
I think sharpshooter may be worth using if you aren't using one of the fast attack skills like Rapid Fire or Strafe. But if you are dishing out a high rate of fire then a crit chance of say 30% is probably sufficient to crit at least once every couple seconds and the sharpshooter skill would just be wasted.

Use sharpshooter if you are below 40% crit chance, but getting crit chance should be a first priority once youre 60. Sharpshooter can be good with builds that use heavy hated spenders like cluster arrow and spike trap, but Ill highly stress that getting crit chance is really important if you want high consistent damage.

I personally dont like sharpshooter, but I get that some people need it when they reach lvl 60 and lack good equips. But if a DH wants to stack crit damage while having only 10-20% crit chance for that high sharpshooter damage, then thats their choice, they're just going to end up gimping themselves more.
I use this when farming. Yes, when you crit, it resets. so basically what happens is your dps is high and your initial dmg is great. but after a crit you deal dmg as normal. then it begins to build between each mob. That makes this skill handy when farming lower MP's and some public games. But if you are leveling, fighting a boss, or any form of constant fighting, yes, this skill is not much help. So the real question should be...Do you find it useful? Does your ability to go through mobs fast and bosses slower matter? only you can decide if this skill is worth short bursts between mobs

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