Monster power levels on inferno...

Beat diablo on inferno earlier today, so decided to try out inferno with some monster power levels (5 to be exact). I'm loving the extra difficultly that it brings to the normal monsters (just appropriate to me) but can barely even damage elites.
I know I'll have to bring it down a bit, but it still made me unsure on my general strategy, so i thought i'd ask here.

I'm using Frenzy/Smite to deal with single targets, stunning them so they can't hit back.
With groups I pull them together with Ground Stomp/Wrenching Grasp and then Whirlwind/Wind Shear them. Only use that rune so i don't need to stop. If they survive it I used Leap/Death from Above to stun them again and go for a second round. Against tough single enemies i'll use these to also keep them stunned.
If they still don't die at this point or i'm in a generally troublesome situation, Ignore Pain/Ignorance is Bliss to get my health back and/or run away.
For anything especially tough i drop Earthquake/Chilling Earth.
I use Tough as Nails to up my defences and (mainly) to increase my Thorns damage (29760 total).
I don't think WW Wind shear will do enough damage to large groups, you're better off using HotA to damage the groups you pulled in with Ground Stomp. I would at least experiment with that. Your equipment isn't very versatile right now. Your shield is only 16% block and has no crit chance when you can get 10% in that slot. You're really low on all resist as well, you could get a Vile Ward to get more and also a two set combo of IK gloves and IK belt would help. If you had that extra damage mitigation from the gear you could do less stunning and more straight damage output. You wouldn't need to rely on leap or earthquake as often and could drop one for Battle Rage:Into the Fray.
You can use rend with the bloodlust rune, more damage and sustain.Jump in, rend and HotA, HotA, no more fury? cleave, cleave,jump,rend, HotA, HotA.
You shouldn't have issues against single targets, so I'm with Tdog, cleave is probably a better choice.
I got a new shield quite fast after making this thread, so that's been (at least mostly) resolved. It seems the one that give all the stuff i need in decent numbers get quite pricey, so an even better one shall be a plan for the near future.

My equipment in general so far is just going to the auction house and finding whatever is better than what i used before. I think i've gotten as far as i can with equipment on my own, so glad to get some tips here :3

Btw, how much should i value bonuses to Strength? I've tried keeping decently high bonuses to it on all my equipment, but don't know which point other features become more powerful (+attack speed, or crit chance/damage and so on).

How much all-resist should i aim for? Because it does start giving diminishing returns at some point and i do like keeping up my thorns.

EDIT: Been trying out the change in strategy since i posted this comment, and it's already working wonders.

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