200m to upgrade and sick of EF


Echoing fear is killing me. I'm strongly considering getting a Butcher's on main and putting EF in OH (does that stop fear mostly?).

Also think on what else to upgrade.. I could drop Blackthornes and go IK chest, Mempo, Inna's. But I'd be losing a lot of vit (and OH if ef moves there) for the DPS. To get decent one's I'd need to take some time (and get more CC on rings/gear/etc).

I could also change to a low dps LS EF in the OH to get a witching hour.

Alternatively I just upgrade my jewelry.

Goal is just farming paragon and uniques, mostly.
Get a good axe MH (1K dps up would be preferable) or a Mace with IAS. Butchers sickle would be nice or any good rare (LS OS CD). then get a cold barb SOJ.

I had the same problem before.

i got my SOJ for 45M.

edit: by the way, the vs elite dps bonus is worth the decrease in DPS for equipping an SOJ.
Get a lower fear proc EF and cold SOJ might help.
@_@ was looking at SOJ ... cold.

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