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Hi, I'm looking for anyone who wants to waste time together on vent/TS3 while keyfarming and doing infernal machine runs on MP3 (can do MP4 too, but I feel better on 3).

feel free to add me b4rm4ley#2939
added u my friend but right now so lag cant do $^%&
good luck btw, we should try some runs in d future when blizzard allows us to
Keen, add me
added, could be fun O.o
id like to tag along add me
Never played on Vent, but you can add me I have 3 IMs that I will waste tonight if you're keen.
I'm keen :)
addin ya always handy to have more wiz friends

Sdot0910#1476 If people want to add me too.. Wizard with 160k dps, but now 105k dps as stunlock CM wizard, comfortable w/ MP4 or 5
just started playing again and would be keen for this, added you
I'll add you. I usually run mp2 for farming and 4 for ubers.
would love to join you
add me?
I dnt use vent, but im always looking for more ppl to farm with. Hate playing solo really. I wouldnt do ubers on mp3 though (drop rate is too low imo). Happy to key farm on mp3 though.
I can solo ubers on mp4 and 5 which is quite fun :p
mp10 or gtfo

amirite boiz?
I would be happy to join anyone on key farming runs.

So please just add me.

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