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Hi scrapz. I'm trying to improve my fire monk. Got any tips for me?
Thanks for doing this.

Could you help me out with my TR Build? I'm currently just focusing on farming exp until I reach paragon 100. As I am right now I have to go over most stuff a couple times before they die. It's very hard to find that amulet with a high spirit regen, and when I do see it, it's very expensive, and it would decrease my dps most likely. I'm also not interested in the SOJ because I want to use Leoric's and Hellfire for the exp bonus. However, I know if I got the amulet I could change my skills a bit which may make it so that I can kill trash mobs in one pass.

Anyway, if you have any advice for me I'd greatly appreciate it.

Hey scrapz, I have about a 20m budget and am at a loss of what I should upgrade next. Thanks for your time =]
Scrapz! Want to drop OWE and hit 175k WITH sustain! Help!
12/17/2012 02:33 PMPosted by scrapz
Hey scrapz.. i'm facing alil bit of problem here... been to inferno machine MP7 with my buddies but unable to survive SK and Magdha without dying... frens are saying my LS is too low.. any idea how should i increase my LS or LOH?

Your problem during that fight isn't that you dont have enough lifesteal. It's that you dont have a large enough health pool/mitigation to survive zk's first walk or magda's butterlies hits.

520 resist/38k isnt going to cut it. Your lacunui's are really gimping your EHP. The 9 IAS is .1 APS faster, not worth it...

If you don't want to change that then..

Switch beacon of ytar passive. cyclone cooldown and make sure you pop serenity as soon as SK begins his walks. Move better, avoid butterflies. It really is an issue of L2P, everything is avoidable in that fight.

Alright.. so what do you recommend me to change to? Dual Resist + Dex + Vita + Crit hit chance? or?
"Pimp your monk"? My monk kills pimps. Pimps are evil men that victimize and exploit women. I get so sick of hearing the word "pimp" being used in place of "cool".
Budget: 250M
Target: 150k+ dps unbuffed with 5%+ LS and 2.2+ att spd whilst maintaining around 5k armor, 620 resist, 40k hp

Thanks :)

Happy holidays :)
I'm trying to improve my fire monk. Got any tips for me?
Thanks for doing this.

budget : 100m and i can sell any item you like to change.
thanks in advance
Goal: TR then Tank
Budget: 2 M

i Guess primary goal is TR, so that i can farm more gold and items and then transform into a tank. No need to actually buy items for me, just tips what gear should i improve, stats in gear that i should look for. My budget is low and i understand that u cannot pimp all of my gear, but 1 or 2 pieces would be fine
Gear check please:

Looking for what you have stated on your og post.
Goal is a balance Monk! Budget is about 400-600 Mil.

Great dps in the range of 150k+
Great Res
Great Vit
Great Dex
Hey scraps... Just started this new monk on a new acc she has decent dps and im fairly satisfied with dmg at this point justwant to survive better soloing and group mp8+ you can see on my other account foreskin#1135 I have another monk (arcane) with lower dps but higher ls/resis (about 800res all over 5% ls)..that monk survives so much better and can even group über mp10 without dying once. New monk.can barely group mp8. I don't want to drop a ton of dps just to get more life steal and I hate having to use mantra of regen time of need instead of conviction just to help with survivability... What else can I do? I dont want to get rid of ef or buy another one with ls ifi dont have to. Thanks in advance

Budget - 130m
gear check please. IM leaning towards Innas pants then a witching hour belt. feel very stuck in this game now. I have my MF gear on, usually go 71k dps, 6.5 defense, 670 res.
Hey there,

I'd like to know my future steps in order to break 150k dps and higher by a lot my defense (armor & resists). I can solo mp5 fairly well, and my gear is great for TR XP rushing, but as soon as it comes to Ubers or higher mp, i can't do anything! :(

My budget is 25m so far, but any pointers for the next purchase and the price i should pay would be appreciated!

Thanks for all the time you've spent helping people!!
would like to become a tr monk so that i can get my plvl to a decent place. Do i just need an innas belt and different helm as well as a skorn?

Ammy - Spend a good amount of your funds on your ammy, it'll stay with you for a long time. You need CC in this slot so it'd be the best Edps upgrade for you.
100DEX/ 7.5+CC / 50CD / 80 VIT / resistance

Helm - Vit is rolled too low on it and you could easily find a 160dex/70+vit/40+resist/ armor for 2-4M.

Shoulders - Double resist/ vit - 8-15m.

Left Ring - once you get some vitality on your shoulders and helm you can change this out for one with CC.


New offhand. Need some sustain.


Add me and i'll budget shop for you.


No, you do not need legendaries atm. It would be more effective for you to gear with rares. You have 40m worth of gems in your weapons, could easily sell those and get weapons with natural crit on them....

Your main pieces to be upgraded are ammy, shoulders and bracers.

I would love to advise you but you need a regear more then upgrades. Please refer to Piffle's guide.


I'm at 200k and sometimes still dont 1shot stuff in mp1..

Do you really need a lifesteal skorn, I mean your defense is already crap for TR spec. Why not just get a cheapie super high dps/dex/crit skorn w/o lifesteal?


for more ehp, upgrade your bracers.

for more damage + sustain - upgrade your offhand.


Holy purple gems /w only 925 vit.... -_- Those should be green in there. That is all I have to say..


You crazy.. Cool your monk? That just sounds dumb.
Elcarim -

Add me with msg #250m - I can build your set instantly or over the next few days for best result.


no profile


Please refer to druin's guide to budget TRing.

A quick look tells me you need to get a 2 hander to keep spirit up. At your DPS, might be better to just run DS build since you'll constantly be running in circles just to kill the enemy.


Add me with msg #400m - I can build your set instantly or over the next few days for best result.


Your resist looks fine, just that you are lackign in vitality to survive those huge burst hits. Try to get at least a 45k pool.

Pants Inna's pants with 150+ vit - 40-90M (havent checked recently.

Boots - If you're not going nat's set, get another iceclimber with some vit..

Bracers - Could pickup 80 vit on it but check your EHP difference from dropping some dex via d3up before makign the switch.


According to druin's guide, a 4pc is neccessary for TR build to keep SWs up.

Please take a look at Druin's guide to TRing.
Hey scrapz, was just looking for a critique, i have a 50mil budget, im looking for a balanced build, hp not as important, i currently run a lot of LoH and almost never die unless i get stacked big hits. I feel like my dps is a little low though. do i need different weapons perhaps? thanks man.
Hi scrapz, can you please give me some advice on improving my monk? i have read through piffle's guide on gearing and has helped me a bit on shopping on the AH (props to him!) but i still feel i'm missing alot. My profile is missing a right ring with some avg dmg, dex, 3% CC and 5% APS (i think?) which brings my DPS on paper to around 54k-ish(can't remember lol..)

i have a 30mil budget but won't be able to get on till tomorrow. I'm in Australia so time difference might be an issue? Thanks for your advice!
Hey scrapz thanks for helping out us monks!

Could you check my gear and advise what would be the best to upgrade next? Goal - more dps with similar survivability. I've seen you posting that you like to be tanky and favor attack speed. I feel the same way so that direction is what I'd like to keep going. Current Budget - 22 million but should be bringing in more soon from sales and more farming over the holiday.

Thanks man.
Hey scrapz I need a better offhand and then i think I'm pretty much set. Should I get sickle or WKL? Depending which one which attributes? Budget 50-75 milish. Thanks!

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