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Want to know how to break 550k DPS.. please help pro.
Thanks for all the work with the community. I have 22m to my name and was looking to improve dps and/or survivability.
edit-My profile isn't updated. I use an amethyst in my helm and often switch to Blackthornes jousting mail for an ehp boost.
Afternoon Scrapz,

Could I get a gear check please, I would like to be able to farm act3 MP5. Balanced build would be preferred. I only have 6mil to my name but I have several auctions up that should boost that I hope (really bad luck lately).

LoH 1449
LoS 363
Main resist stat is Arcane, I do have a couple pieces that are not arcane but again that is my luck. I do prefer to DW over 1h+shield but my profile hasn't updated since I was messing around with that build. My secondary weapon is Sunkeeper 1015dps,172 dex, socket with 80% crit dmg gem.

Any help would be awesome, Happy Holidays!!
I would really love some help gearing my monk, but I honestly need help learning how to efficiently farm first I'd love it if you could give me some pointers!
Could use help gearing my monk.

i r teh noob :( I failz..think you can upgrade me for 2m?
lol, SrslySam, you cheeky bugger! hahahhaha
ouch, still trying to sell my old gear. I mean, I knew my old gear wasn't great but I thought it at least had some value. I bought a couple of those pieces for 5m. The value of gear is dropping faster than I thought it would. Can't wait to get pimped out once it's all sold :)
I'm up to 8.6m (meh; most I ever had at 1 time)
I'll take a gear check. Really looking to replace my belt but I lose so much HP that it is hard to do.
Heya scrapz!
I am an Asian monk, looking for a way to enter the higher MP's.
Problem is my profile doesn't show up here (yea we here in Asia = gimped!)
Was wondering if there is any other way i could show you my toon's setup? maybe via d3up?
plz help !! gear check!
^~^ and i have around 80 mill gold !! <3
:3 thankz !! ps im stuck at mp 8... =-= i think my resis 300 is too low... but what should i stop using??

I'm not sure how to upgrade my gear. I know I can sacrifice some resists, but what should I search as the minimum total res per item? Also, I have a couple items that I've been hesitant to replace because I'm not sure how much dex/crit they're worth in terms of contribution to dps:
Helm - 7% fists of thunder damage
Weapon - 18% Lightning Skill dmg
I use fists of thunder and sweeping wind, both deal lightning.

The life on hit on my weapons is also pretty useful and pure upgrades are way out of my price range of 20m. What do you recommend? I'd like to get up to around 80k dps unbuffed and capable of handling MP7+. I do MP7 right now; it's very slow but I survive it. I want to kill twice as fast and still survive.

Too often when looking for upgrades I think that I need multiple upgrades all at once. For example my shoulders are obviously weak. But my HP is already so low that if I'm going to lose the 11% life on my shoulders, I need something with a lot of life to balance it out... which usually results in a dps downgrade and I break even rather than upgrading.
I really need some major help!!! I have 127k lvl 60monk. If you can help me also I would appreciate it a lot. Just help guide me into the light for I am lost. I don't know what to do any more or how to build. In need of an advice plz.
Would be nice if you can advice me on my monk.


I'm currently using this in TR build, but I trying to migrate towards crit/tank build for mp5+.
Looking forward to grabbing the two green fists with socket (forgot the name) to boost my crit damage or (if I'm out of my mind) get LoH.
I want to be able to farm mp5+. I have 77k dps unbuff. Currently I am having some trouble farming mp5. My problem is anti melee prefix like molten. My echo fury would fear them then my fist would teleport me into their molten chasing them. But recently I added deadly strike to my skill set and I was able to kite some molten elites (takes forever to kill). But today I found a fire chain, molten, vortex elite. Every vortex would almost kill me instantly. I dont know what else I can do to help me survive better. I want to be able to survive in mp10 but I can't even survive in mp5. I would also like to have 100k dps but again don't know what else I can do to upgrade myself. Is 5m enuff?

Also I'm not sure which belt is better. I have an Inna's belt with armor and str vs a rare belt with 149 dex 40 vit and 63 total resist with OWE. but according to D3's UI it said my inna's belt gives me more dps and protection even though it has only 94 dex. The stat on the inna's belt is 169 str, 8% holy, dmg, 249 armor and 94 dex.

I'm not very rich after buying the gear for my monk. I only have 5million gold and I would really want to be able to survive the anti melee prefix and around 100k dps. I feel so squishy. molte descrator fire chain vortex = insta die for me. Even the non elite descrator bugs in A2 would kill me in 1-2 secs if i dont move right away.

oh yea and i have 666 resist all (68.96) with the rare belt and 3998 armor (57% DR) 72k dps. and 604 resist all (66.8) but 4497 armor (59.98 DR) with the inna's belt 77k dps.
Would love to have your help getting my monk better just sold some items and now have 28m gold and i dont know what to upgrade next so if u could help me it would be much appriciated :)

Now at 60 k dps and all res 750, and vit 40k

Thank you for your help :)
Not really sure you can do much of anything for me, as i've only got a little under 2.4m, but any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hey scrappy claus! I've taken pretty much all of your advice thus far(except getting cold res on shoulders and vit on belt, both of those are going to cost a fortune). I was wondering if you could take a second look at my monk now, and tell me what my next main upgrade should be. I don't mind saving(I only have about 20mil right now), I'm just lost as to what I should make my next main upgrade.

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