can i handle mp0 a3

hey all,
my first hc char is at the end of a2, wondering if I can down belial and handle a3.
looking at other threads similar to this, my stats (esp. armor and res) don't seem high enough, but farming a2 has been pretty easy so I wanna see if I can move on.

in case profile doesn't update:
hp: 63.7k
AR: (buffed) 475-566 range (phys, fire, arcane are all above 500. phys at 566)
dps: 25.8k
life regen: 550 (1823 with IS passive)
armor: 8371 (buffed)
no LoH or LS

lemme know what you guys think, thanks!
If you were a WD, I would say you are easily geared to farm A3. Don't have a 60 Barb so I can't specifically help you there. I will say though that if you decide to go further, I would save my oh !@#$ buttons for oh %^-* moments, not the usual quicken-route moments you are most likely used to
I would not suggest Act 3 without any LoH or LS. If your concerned with downing bosses hit up my thread.
Don't play a barb but the stats all look fine to me, resists could be a bit better but I still think it should be manageable.
I think the gear is at the level where your playstyle and skill will dictate living or not. Haven't really played Barbarian much, so take my observations with a grain of salt.
You should be able to roll Belial as long as you don't stand in the junk. I'd be concerned about A3 with the limited regen you are carrying. Your AR is borderline, but made more dicey by lack of regen. You could solve a lot of issues by getting a decent LoH neck/weapon.
You are ready for *beginning of A3. Rend, Vengence, 1800 with IP will be enough healing. *I would just farm just right *before Keep 2 before stopping everything and upgrade with more resistance.

*Sens is right too as you can steal beat A3 easily with 15K dps unbuffed with 800res 8000armor and 600 LOH (assuming IP always on).

Edited = *
I look at life per second as "bonus" for melee characters vs must have. Reason being is that for ranged, you shouldn't likely be in melee, therefore your damage is a bit more consistent as it's limited to ranged. With barb the idea is steady flow damage. You have some regen capability in rend / revenge (provo) but you're still subject to bad RNG. It's for these times that the importance of LoH shines through.

My assumption after having played barb since launch is that you should be able to survive at approximately 1800 regen though. To back into it, 1800 regen per second is the equivalent 1800 / .75 (frenzy gets 75% of loh) 2400 LoH for frenzy which would be about 1200 LoH at 2 attacks per second (which would be in the upper stacks of frenzy with a 1.2 speed).

That said, as your life either dips, or your damage increases, or the MP level increases, you're going to likely want to pursue LoH as well as regen, but that at 1800 life per tick it shouldn't necessarily be needed at MP0. If you want to be extra safe though I'd heavily suggest using the charge talent with health regen on hit, vs the charge talent with time reduction. But unless you don't play the spec right you should be fine. I'm meat mauling A3 MP1 on my monk and A1 MP2.
You need more AR before you can finish act 3. The towers at the end get pretty nasty.
I would replace ruthless with superstition to give you more defense. You will still have enough damage.
If you cant get LoH at least get some LoK, it's underated in my opinion.
GL and happy killing.....
thanks everyone for your input, I'll stay in act 2 for now until i get my AR to 800 buffed.

I'm still a bit conflicted about LoH- I've seen people supporting LoH while others saying it isn't too useful for barbs. For monks I can understand as FoT has a good LoH coefficient+AoE, but frenzy is a single target attack. I have a ring that gives 460LoH, so I'll play around with that for now.
Compare to my barb, farming a3 upto Ghom with comfort. Somewhat similar stats.
i tihink you could handle it just fine, give it a shot

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