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Any comment on my current build?
I used to run this on my wiz, and now that sleet storm has been upped i'm considering going back to it. I call it "Flips and Tricks and S***" (as the force wave makes you jump and dance around). It can clear rooms of hordes of guys in seconds. Not as good as some builds 1 on 1 as it tends to run out of mana, but in groups you can keep going non stop and completely demolish stuff.!gbW!Yb.baZ
By Blizzard-Grimiku
I like a two handed Barbarian build that yields a particular visceral experience that Whirlwind doesn't quite deliver. So I took some time to really think about what I was after and came up with this!XYc!bbccaZ". It might not be efficient but it's crazy barbaric fun.

Thanks alot!
I change something, but the core idea is realy cool. The right-click is Hammer of the Ancients now to finish off a monster which then stuns someone, awesome. I think all those spells are perfectly for 2-handed looking at their execution speeds (you notice when playing). It's a very nice build for hardcore and which doesn't need certain items! Of course you can adjust some abilities like in every build depending on your items:!bce!bccbZc
Press Q-W-E for initiation. Rightclick for finishing. And R for oh-sh1t-moments :)
The benefit over Wrath of the Berserker is for hardcore: You have everything always available, so no suprises that could kill you.

As mentioned items are not that important here, yet Vitality and Critical Damage are the most effective.

Keep in Mind the Passives are based on high-vitality and being able to stand in Magic, so superstition increases your damage output alot vs those. And it's not optimized for super equip of course.

ps: Unfortunately the RUne: Thunderstrike (hammer of the ancients) only works when YOU kill. So in parties this works not as good, but I also created this build in expection of 1.07 where they wanted to adress these party-"issues".
Monk soccer build!!!
A melee range, MP10 tank, WITCH DOCTOR! :) I love using this build. Not the fastest at killing, but it's always fun when people ask me why I never die, LOL!
Glass cannon monk is fun...

...If you have the right gear :D
Ha check out my stupid monk. Bound crippling wave to key 1 so i can hold the 1 key down and just point my way with the mouse and when anything is in attack range of CW he molests the crap out of them. using rising tide on that for spirit regen, switch to hundred fists with spirited salvo too to gen more spirit, circular breathing on healing mantra, and spam bells like its a christmas concert lol. can rock off 20-30 bells a minute when the crap gets thick. not as good as some others i know but my gear is crap and i an no "ELITE" player lol.

just a lot of fun especially with the speakers up and the subwoofer cranked it shakes my desk. good times
Basically my attempt at making standing still and constantly spamming Rapid Fire a semi-viable option:!bVU!cZYZYa
I am using a freeze WW Barb build. I experimented with a fjord cutter in my off hand but the DPs went down to 21K, I was still able to do MP3 with it but it took forever. So i switched back to mace in main hand. It is fun to almost perma freeze monsters, (My chance to freeze is 25%) and WW makes me hit all time. I don't take much damage because they are frozen. I just wish i could i get my DPS up. Any thoughts on how to do that?

More crit chance/damage. (Sadly it seems to be the only way to get past 100k dps...or at least, the main way...)
Sentry Trap DH, just plant sentries and run or vault around elites. Just watch out for reflectors though.!UeY!YbZbaZ
If you just want something that can handle mp0-1 then try a WD. Pretty much everything ive tried on a WD worked fine on low MP. Seems like the most diverse class in that respect. Take your pick of skills and try them. They all seem to be viable.
Grim that build is pretty retarded, pretty much embarrassed yourself, 5 fury generators no fury spenders and you use unforgiving???

uses beserker rage so it does make a little sense
I have 5 level 60s in inferno (one of each type), but got kind of tired running the same build over and over. So, I play 2-3 hours each day, just to have a little fun.

I wanted to play a traditional frost/ice wizard, but that's not possible due to the limited number of frost spells/abilities.

So, I started a new wizard last week who is based on lightning.

Play style: Put out a hydra - between you and the mob. Start with Electrocute, probably have to kite a little with some mobs. But with the chain lightning rune, I have good success. Must start at max distance to kill larger mobs. It's easy to shoot long distance by moving your mouse cursor away from your character. Not necessary to click on mobs, just get it close to them. Emergency ability is Archon - this is mainly for blue/yellow mobs that break through your spells/abilities and are in your face. You must learn to evaluate when this will happen as the archon ability is only to be used as a last-second tool to prevent you from getting killed. When facing bosses (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, etc.) is the only time you can use archon as an offensive ability.

Left mouse button: Electrocute (Rune: Chain Lightning) - this is your main spell/ability. Only gives 90% weapon damage and hard to use at lower levels.
Right mouse button: Archon (purely defensive, as discussed above).
1. Magic Weapon (Rune: Force Weapon - +15% damage).
2. Storm Armor (Thunderstorm - increases damage from 100% to 130% weapon damage). This spell is a MUST to keep up - you'll be surprised the number of dead bodies/enemies you find laying on the ground as you go forward into an area - at 130% weapon damage, this becomes almost a seconday main spell.
3. Diamond skin.
4. Hydra (Rune: Lightning).

Passive skills: Astal Presence; Glass Cannon; Prodigy.

I've had a lot of fun with this build, especially when you start shooting electrocute at a long distance against larger mobs.

However, you will do some kiting (not much), and don't expect to run quickly through an area. It's slow going quite often. Smart use of your hydra is a must. I.e., when you open the door to a new room, align yourself with the entrance so that as soon as the door is open, you can put a hydra in the next room that starts killing mobs. Use it as your tank.

Good luck.
yea man I miss D2 because of the BUILDS! The synergies made that REALLY interesting...I think I made just about every build possible. From a poison werewolf druid, to hammerdin, to fury axe throwing barb, ice arrow amazon, trap assassin, bone spear necro, and blizzard sorc...I had two accounts just because I had so many characters, all over level 80 with pretty good gear.

Where are the BUILDS in this game??? I think the lack of actually investing points into certain skills (especially if they synergize with other skills like in D2) it's hard to actually build a certain kind of character. This is probably my single biggest problem with the game. I find myself constantly switching skills, so yea I get to try out every skill, but guess what...I'm bored.

I'll come back if I find something interesting to build in D3!!!
Nice necrobump.

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