Weakest item on the 150k+DPS monk above you

Weakest item on the monk above you, only leave message if you are >150k dps
Richddt helm get that mempo and maybe a Wkl

hard to find anything bad...but i would say the nat boots

hard to find anything bad...but i would say the nat boots

nat's ring because it has no crit or dmg modifiers.

yay do me. I'm 60k now!
@scrapz, I choose your gems. Plus you're not 150k dps not supposed to be here heh.

@scrapz, I choose your gems. Plus you're not 150k dps not supposed to be here heh.


whoops thought this was the 50-150k thing..

I just want to be one of the cool kids.. no one ever wants to hang out with me :(

but lacunis because they only give u 1 percent more movement speed and give u practically very low ehp stats..
Im going to post anyways.

your gloves! could add EHP and DPS there

I would consider dropping SOJ to with a Nat ring and boot set that can boost your CC by 10 - 13% for everything as compared to the 7% you're getting only for TR.

Your hellfire is pretty sweet for a TR build.
Im thinking of dropping the hellfire for a nats when i get to lvl 100, but 7% tr crit and spirit gen is bis for a tr build (which i might also change at lvl 100)

Sick kit obv, but IMO you could get a non trifecta neck with more dex and cd - even that is a reach though. 9.5/10 overall. Beautiful nat ring
Is this 150 cap?
Skipping jon because he skipped simplemath

@simplemath - I think your nats boots could get more dex on them.
Tarzan I would have to say pick up a Nat's with average damage and same stats. I know they cost a boat load though. I am in the market for one heh.

Your Bloody Footprints. Get some Vit on those and can pick up another 70+ Dex as well. Nit picking I know but that critique hurt me a lot more than it hurt you. :P
I can't pass up the resists for more Dex/Vit. My resists are a whopping 508. I don't know how some of the other monks higher up on the d3progress have less resists than me but more EHP with same similar stats. Ah well. I like my build for now :)

Poster below, please critique Carl, posted from my phone, can't see anything on his page lmao.
Arcto I'm on the iPhone as well. To see items press on screen once but need to refresh page to see another item or else it will open another page. A pain but doable.

Also I mentioned the vit cause you need to reach 45-50k health brotha.
Work phones suck. We have MaaS360 rolled out on them. Can't go forth with it :(
I am workin on the Vit, but is it worth dumping more resists? I seem to do just fine with reflect damage swapping over to another OH with lifesteal... but I am just not sure about ditching another 60 resist on the boots for a bit more HP. What good is the HP if it is not mitigated HP? Nothing one shots me and I can get HP back with ease. With an HP gem, I rock 42.5k, and only to go higher with paragon levelling.

Saving up for a Nat's ring with Vit and Lightning res or gloves with similar stats and vit. All 1bil pieces though :)

If you trade inna's belt for a witching hour it would greatly increase our dps. You might have to sacrifice the all resist though, if not it will be a very expensive belt.

Also I think you could get a lot more DEX on inna's pants.

Everything else looks pretty darn good to me.
Looking over your gear again yes you are married to OWE so I change my suggestion I do concur that your gloves are the weak link. Super trifecta roll but 2 shady properties and low dex your monk is better than that :)

And yes I am looking for a solid Nats rings and Mempo as well. Hope to get them before the end of the year but I'm in no real rush.

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