Dear Mr Blizzard, about the 3007 error....

Technical Support
A couple of things first, I have to say I have loved D2 and warming to D3...Starcraft is great etc.
Really great games but this latest glitch with D3 has gone on for 3 days as many of the aus/nz players have said in threads and it's really bad that I spend money buying your product, only to be booted off for days due to some weird issue that not many of us understand!
I think once it is resolved some compensation is justified for those of us who haven't been able to log in e.g. apply some gold to our accounts and throw in some guaranteed legendary drops or something. It's only fair that you give us something back for our loyalty and patience.
You're a massive company so get into the xmas spirit and give back to the players...please!!!

They aren't interested, they've already got our money.

We live in Australia, if this was America every form of their customer service would be flooded to the point they'd need to take action.

If a whole bunch more users from a small region of the world drop now it doesn't make 1 bit of difference.

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