Critical mass bug

Bug Report
Hello everyone,

today i tried to change my build bcos archon and cm wizard is so booring. I tried few builds and what i saw? Critical mass is bugged or i don't know smth about this skill. If i don't know just tell me why it's not workin' with signature spells. It's workin' only with spells for arcane power.
whats your crit chance
he? What'r u talkin' ? What's wrong with my skills ? ;o i'm playin' cm/archon builds and i wanna change smth, but i cannot bcos cm dun work with signature spells for me.

Mine crit chance is 51% ;]
the skills you need is
Tornado - wicked wind rune (as your main attack)
frost nova - cold snap
explosive blast - chain reaction
energy armour - prismatic armour
teleport - wormhole ( i personally replace this with archon)
diamond skin - crystall shell

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