Hi, I need some info regarding a forum ban.

Technical Support
My account was banned on the EU forum because of me not paying attention, i feel so dumb about it. What happened is that i posted a sale thread on the EU trading forum and believe me i didn't know i was not allowed to bump my own thread (i know i should have known). I seen the first sticky thread in trading section "READ ME —> DO NOT BUMP THREADS" too late.
My question is: Can i do something about it? Will my forum account ever get unbanned? I am sorry i broke an obvious rule but a warning would have been enough to stop me ever do that again, do i really deserve a permanent ban for that? Of course i will never do something like that again, i learnt my lesson.

I'm sorry, but I can't help you here in the US Tech forum. It's likely just a temp restriction but I can't tell.


Forum bans:

have you re-read the Code of Conduct (http://eu.battle.net/en/community/conduct) and the ban explanation, and are still convinced you did not break the rules (that badly)? Feel free to send an appeal to forums-EN@blizzard.com, but keep in mind that it’s no guarantee the ban will be overturned.
Thanks a lot for responding me so quick, great service!

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