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our dear Lylirra taking quite a beating today,

she's like on extra health + health link + shielding + illusionist

and these guys keep pumping overawe, cyclones, hota smashes, nova/bombs, cluster bombs and bears.... she just won't go down :D
I personally think you should work with the developers to get a sub forum like the one Icefrog(dota developer) made on his forums. Where the developers can can ask players to give ideas on specific things they are working on / are thinking about working on.

To me this would would show that they are listening to feedback, have a place to collectively gather certain feedback, and show us players some of the things developers are working on or at least interested in.

Pretty much like the CM posting how the devs are looking into reflect damage, just more official then some random post on a random topic.
Hey Lylirra Can i get like a Manticore 2 socket 1300+ dps or like a witching hour with 200+ main stat 80 vit and 70 all res? I would appreciate it alot also if the devs could transfer me to the "goodie" list with Moldran and Zillian and others.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
How do you think we could improve?

I'm gonna be as honest as I can here. I think you CMs and devs are doing a phenomenal job at what you do. A lot of people are frustrated because of the lack of PvP, which is completely justified. I'm itching to PvP myself, but I'd rather a polished final result instead of something rushed (like the initial release of Diablo III was, imho).

The devs have learned a lot since release, and are pushing the game in the right direction as far as I'm concerned, from Paragon levels to monster power to the infernal machine (just to name only a few). I know the CMs are collecting feedback and relaying it to the devs. I personally have no ill will or resentment to Jay Wilson or the Diablo III team.

Just my $.02, take it or leave it. I know I'm gonna get flammed/trolled, but whatever. Just giving honest feedback, and if that's the price to pay, so be it.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
How do you think we could improve?

I pulled out a JD from a known social media/game company to see how close are the CMs here who is asking us how they could improve. Perhaps having a read back the 1st place you joined blizzard and the JD might remind you what you're suppose to be doing?

A Community Manager is the face of a company, managing communications in both directions. This digital-savvy employee is responsible for all communications, PR, social media, events, and content creation, among other things.

It’s a Web 2.0 communications role, incorporating online tools and in-person networking to create relationships and ultimately build the company’s brand, both online and off.

While every day as a Community Manager is different, this is what the role’s responsibilities may include:

1. Content creation - writing blog posts, articles, newsletters, communications materials, and material for social media channels - check?

2. Social media marketing – creating, managing and growing the company’s presence through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other strategically relevant online properties - check?

3. Events and event planning – organizing events in your city (often outside of 9-5 hours) and planning meetups for your community - check?

4. Public relations – (note: some companies may have devoted PR departments so this may not be relevant) managing incoming media requests and building relationships with industry journalists; creating, executing and measuring media campaigns - check?

5. Customer relations – the Community Manager is often responsible for customer support – answering questions however they come in (phone, e-mail, Twitter) and managing any online feedback forums. - check?

6. Communications/marketing strategy – the Community Manager is responsible for creating strategic marketing/communications plans to provide direction for the company’s public-facing communications - check?
How about this idea?

Once a week, the CMs make a thread inwhich players can ask 1 question about the game (design choices, development, ect). The 2 most popular questions are relayed to someone on the development team who can answer those questions to the best of their ability, and then the CMs can post those answers/responses in the thread the next day. It focuses alot of the questions, issues, as well as answers (hopefully) into one thread.

Lets all sign on the dotted line and then get some sleep ... or play the game.
i would agree with that NZ guy

ultimately, we went details/changes/info on mechanic issues rather than superficial

the developer seem to be the only able to address this but jay wilson doesnt like to chat
12/12/2012 10:01 PMPosted by TemptedNZ
Your worth to the community is very questionable.

Cool. In your opinion, how could that value be increased?

(Also, I'm afraid I don't have any information to share about earlier questions. I could perhaps look into it, if you'd like, but I don't know when I might be able to respond back.)

and since you're doing surveys regarding favorite acts,quote, characters, etc...why not have a survey (class specific or not) about gameplay? that will also give you some inputs fr the player base and data that the devs can use vs their actual data .

It's a weekly poll, so there will be plenty of opportunities for different topics. Have any recommendations?
"How do you think we could improve?"

As if we are working for Blizzard....
we paid to play the game....not make the game

That's totally understandable. We do want to update players on PvP once all the details are finalized. We're not at that point yet, but Jay understands that it sucks to wait and has been trying to bridge that gap via direct updates on Twitter. He's a good dude and really cares this community, despite so many statements to the contrary. =/

The reasons why there's so many names calling for him is due to the negative changes to the gameplay. He maybe a great guy, a friendly boss or even a genius in game development, but from the interviews he had, all the 'design philosophy/principles' kinda backfired on the players rather than improving.

I have brought this circumstances several time and are going to bring it up again.

From the trailer of D3 two years ago, there's dual wielding with special elemental effect on each weapon. However, in the current D3, they have been removed! Why? and he's explanation is they're mostly added up to damage anyway. That's a very selfish answer. If the idea is just on damage, why are there different spells and effect?

From the trailer again, you see that the barb Jay used, are so freaking awesome. Leap and storm a whole bunch of mobs to death, continuously. However, COOLDOWN are added, 15 seconds to boot!

Talisman for Charms, Alchemist craftman, these features have been started by the team no? But they wasn't implemented. Why?

All boils down to finding a source to vent, and sadly Jay has the name big enough to take it.
Because he's the hero we deserves, but not the one it needs right now...and so we'll hunt him, because he can take it.

As a CM, to improve, I think perhaps is giving us ideas that what you Think the development team are doing. At least it will be a topic for us to start discussing about.

We love you Lylirra btw
12/12/2012 10:14 PMPosted by Boogerman
yo irrevelant questions but how much is a community manager paid to type walls of text I want to apply.


A first step towards what I see is a bright future for you, sir.

On a side note, this thread sadly reminds me of a certain topic of discussion along the lines of "Community, what would you like me to be"

Speaking from personal experience, I know how stressful these forums can be. However, I would urge the community to remember that CM's are people just like you. Although they undoubtedly have some of the thickest skin I have EVER seen, you have to remember that they are just people.

Anyway, I hope that one day the game will live up to the legendary standards that Blizzard has set for itself. However, in the mean time bringing into question the value of the CM team doesn't really add any constructive discussion regarding gameplay issues.

Please don't direct Vitriol towards Lylirra, Vaeflare, Zarhym, Bashiok, Rygarius, Grimiku, or any other CM that posts on these boards. Really, they do the best they can do. They are here as liaisons... or messengers if you will. It is never a good idea to shoot the messenger.
MVP's are not employees of Blizzard Entertainment. We are players just like you.
Nothing I say is Official word from Blizzard, everything is of my own conjecture.

It's a weekly poll, so there will be plenty of opportunities for different topics. Have any recommendations?

What do you want the most

Random endless dungeon
True Randomly generated world
8 player games
More Ubers
Survival Mode with leaderboards

Pick one

I would be curious of the outcome
We do that quite a bit actually. Though, I imagine those conversations might be easy to miss if you're not looking for them specifically or don't always visit the forums.

(This why we tend to repeat ourselves a lot, by the way. Not because we enjoy the repetition, but because we often see the same questions get asked quite frequently. While we could just let players fend for themselves and try to find our previous responses on their own, we usually like to jump in and either provide the information directly or point people to where they can read more about that topic.)

Oh really how come crafting is still really horrible? It should not take long at all to fix, just change stats/costs/ chance of getting something good.

All you are doing is swapping a few numbers around, 7 months since release and since day one its been such an obvious flaw to the game. And yet you still have not fixed this.

Blacksmith offers us NOTHING useful.

Why not make it so you can only obtain certain affixes on gear through crafting? Why not make unique gems that can only be made through crafting?

Why should it cost so much gold to craft these things?

Ok get this after running a3 100 times and getting nothing useful i can salvage everything and either sell the materials on AH or try my luck crafting again? But since it costs so much gold the only option is selling it all to the vendor.

So in all crafting offers us nothing unique and only wastes our gold and time.
12/12/2012 10:06 PMPosted by Rekka
I pulled out a JD from a known social media/game company to see how close are the CMs here who is asking us how they could improve. Perhaps having a read back the 1st place you joined blizzard and the JD might remind you what you're suppose to be doing?

Thanks! I'm aware of what my job description is and what I'm supposed to be doing within that role. That's the easy part. What I'm asking, however, is what additional things players think I could be doing to make their experience better. Not all of the feedback in this thread may be useful, and there may be some requests that simply can't be honored, but that's okay. This still has been a really good discussion, I think, and I hope I'm able to make some positive changes as a result of it (they may not be immediately, but they're still worth following up on). :)

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