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12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

Hi Lylirra, and thanks for taking an active commitment in responding to people in this thread.

I think the main issue with Blizzard right now is the way they deal with customer relations. This is not criticism against you or your peers, but the way Blizzard handles it in general. If you take a look at various forums dedicated to Blizzard games, you will find that there are certain standing jokes about Blizzard and their 'soon...' policies.

These are ideas on what needs to be done:

Faster information. I know Blizzard wants everything to be ready before they talk, but as a player it can get really frustrating to sit around and wait for weeks or even months before you hear an official word about a certain topic on your favourite game.

Open communication. I think the Community Team needs to a) expand their staff, or b) change their priorities. You may feel that you read as many threads as possible and then pass on the vital information, but sadly that isn't enough. As players committed to improving and/or discussing the game, we want feedback to our discussion. Like someone suggested, it would be enough with tagging threads that are a) read, or b) passed on to the dev team.

Clear communication: You could always implement a small 'live feed' right next of the forum frame that continuously provides players with the most recent information such as server maintenance or updates. Even the latest (important) Tweets by members of the development team. This isn't complex and should be very easy to make and manage. It would save you guys time, and reduce the links in the chain of player-developer communication.

In conclusion, I think the issue we have here is pretty much like game design. There needs to be enough player feedback (reward) to avoid frustration, or the players will eventually leave.

12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

Sorry to say but this is the most disappointing statement. If you knew what the community wants which is answers to all their issues and especially i have seen so many constructive posts on suggestions and issues having no Blues respond....then you all will know what to do!

Response, interaction and convincing answers! Thats what everyone wants. If not how do we know you all are even listening

I really appreciate your honest response as everyone still needs to learn to improve and its good you ask this, but the answer should be known by yourself in your own mind already if u have seen all the rage. If the top guns dislike u, just quit rather than being the punching bag
Just a quick note to those saying they find it hard to keep track of blue posts, perhaps this site can help you http://www.blizzposts.com , several MVPs are running it(myself included) and you can select D3 only to view all posts from US and EU blues on the D3 boards.

We also have a twitter @BlizzPosts which auto tweets every time there is a new blue post.

This is how we keep on top of blue posts as we agree they can move fast, give it ago and feel free to let us know any feedback as we continue to improve the site.

If your after info from blues checking the site every now and again can be very hardy and if you want to comment on a thread seen you can just go to the source which will bring you straight to the thread.
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
Start by reading all the critiques made by players since release. And there are TONS of them.

I get the feeling you guys are ONLY searching for positive feedback and ignoring the rest

This perception actually really confuses me given how many changes we've made to the game based on player feedback and criticisms, and how frequently we actually say that we're listening.

Here are a few quick examples that I can recall from memory:

There's also changes made to drop rates, Legendary items, reducing repair costs, reducing the challenge gap between monster types, removing Invulnerable Minions, removing enrage timers, revising CC, improving resource spenders, improving how item affixes roll, adding Paragon, adding new shrines, giving more benefit to in-game events and Resplendent Chests, AH features, and more.

Given that, I don't understand why so many players say that we aren't taking player feedback into consideration. Is there something we could perhaps do better to make this fact more clear?

I know of one way you could prove once and for all that player feedback is important. You could take a page from a recently shut down game called City of Heroes Freedom. They had a sticky that listed all of the changes that were made due to player feedback. This way when someone said that the devs do not listen to us. Others could point them to the sticky and prove otherwise. It also encouraged others to make more suggestions, hoping that their ideas would be good enough to make it into the game and in the sticky.

Even though I knew that the devs of that game listened and made changes based on player feedback. It gives a visual evidence that is hard to deny. When you see that Blizz added in paragon levels that was similar to a suggestion in thread x. Then players have something to see that shows them our feedback is important.
play diablo 2 take notes, refund every purchase of diablo 3 for false advertisements , when the expansion comes out you give it to every person who shows an intrest in this pos you called a diablo game still, quit look for a new job and ruin a different company I hear ea and infinity ward like to make horrible games your team should fit right in. was a reply to vel.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

How can you improve? Go ask Tom Chilton about his experience at the crossroads of Britannia. If you don't understand what that refers to it's okay, he will.

Then you'll understand how developer communication differs between then and now and how the experience today is abysmal - by no fault of your own.
D*mn Lylirra. We've never formally had a conversation on this forum, but I follow your posts quite frequently, and I must say you're my favorite CM. How you manage to maintain civility on these forums boggles my mind. I just wanted to pop in and say good job. I know I'm in the minority on this but I enjoy hearing about the CM's opinions on other things besides just D3. To me it gives a sense of cohesion to the community when you can actually get to know someone beyond their handle. I'm not smart enough to offer input on the game, so I won't. I'm here for moral support. :P
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

The question is and was as how to be better as a community manager, not a blizzard employee or programmer or designer! Lylirra is a CM and asking about the managing of the Community, people still mumbling on about game issues that need to be fixed in this post belong to the category mentioned further down.

OK, so here it goes.

Problem Analysis

The biggest problem is not the limited number of blue posts/information that we get or the quality, it is mostly finding them in the swamp of endless crap posts that are lingering around and piling up each day. It is the feeling of being lost and unheard.

The second issues that furthers this is the stupidity and ignorance of players / posters who seem to be unable to read or even recognize other threads, posts, stickies, forum/posting rules and keep posting about crap and flame and troll.

Example of ignorant posters and just dumb players are:

On a certain day (sometimes more then one sadly, but lets just keep it a t one) there has been an Error#3005.
#1 When one started Diablo 3 Error#3005 was mentioned and explained in the launcher window.
#2 Then before log-in an Error#3005 notification appeared in the attention window in the right corner.
#3 Logging in one got Error#3005, surprise !
#4 Going to the technical support and gameplay forum Error#3005 was there with a sticky with !!! on it, top post, right under the FORUM RULES!
#5 to #23423047 Still people felt the urge to spam #3005 threads all over the place, 20 each page and a new one every 5 seconds. And No, they were not haze, hate or raze mails, seriously people asking , if others had the same or a similar issue... how ignorant and blind people are... well, or how dumb...

... its nor surprise if serious threads/questions or answers get lost.

The Fix

The solution is rather simple, a better organization of the forum , automated 'weeding-out' of junk, troll and spam posts and warning of / banning of rubbish threads and their thread creators.

The Forum:

The forum needs to be structured to be able to find possible existing threads and information quick and make it easier for the CM to organize (push) threads/posts and avoid double posting.

General discussion
- Classes/Skills - Sub categories for Barb-only, Wiz-only etc. issues
- Crafting & Artisans
- Items
- Quests
- Followers
- HC
- Balance
- Bug (discussion)

Suggestion (main post, edit and vote [like] only, automated link to general discussion or sub forum)
- Gameplay
- Urgent Hotfix (not bug related)
- Patch
- Add on/Expansion

- Contact SC
- Contact HC
- Trading SC
- Trading HC
- Blacklist - players, items, websites to avoid
- Casual / Off Topic

- Bug report
a Game (software/start/conflicts)
b Gameplay (ingame, in-play)
c skills
d items
- Technical Support
a game related
b others
- battle.net

.... you know the rest.

Keeping it clean

- Weeding out is a constant process, deleting double posts should be up to hyper-speed. Spam and troll mail should be rigorously removed and the poster gets a marker (coming to that later).
- On a special day as mentioned above, the mention of '3005' in any thread title should be blocked. Again ignorant poster (clever wannabes) who try to avoid this by using synonyms, 300 5 , e005, leet or other get a marker.
- With opening of every thread the title words are place in an automatic search engine (like google does) and shows threads with equal or similar keywords. Before submitting it, the creator is asked if he is sure, that none of the other threads are similar to his or apply to his problem. If he still creates the thread, he gets a marker (won't matter if the thread is valid, new or important).
- People that obviously just troll, flame or haze other posters and/or their opinions get a marker.
- Every 20 or 50 or whatever number you deem appropriate that person gets analyzed (his threads, posts, remarks) and if the majority of those (or severity) violets the forum rules and etiquette, the user gets banned from the forum for a week. If more occurrences appear, he might get banned for a month, year, permanent.
- People writing crap thread titles, especially in the bug forum (like 'got Lag - game sux'), need to be punished right away. They even should get a notification immediately - You have been banned from the forum and game today, go read a book! - Not for the sake of the game but for the species.
- If certain threads (mostly bug forum) report the same issue, delete it, give the first of those a bump (so others see it again up top) and add a counter (+1, counting reports). That way you won't have 2534 posts of 'dashing strike still broken' or 142 of 'magic missile needs more damage', but one 'dashing strike still broken' with a '2534 times reported' note ...

Hope that helps some.

And if it pisses people off that they get handled a bit ruff (man up), well, then they should open their eyes, listen and behave themselves. Less ignorance goes a long way.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

A simple check list like once a week with the things that was accomplished and that will actually make it into the game. Forget about the ones that you don't have the complete informations but a simple report would be nice and prevent people from bashing

Ex: Week starting on the 10th:

- Fixed multiple bug preventing monk from using healing skills in arena
- New fleeting shrine now working and will be release in patch 1.0. ...

Even if the informations concerns PVP and you can't give date ... at least we would have some kind of idea about what is going on :)
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

Rewind the mechanical state of the game to beta11.
Have the team design the game themselves, instead of letting forums do it for them.
Talk your higher ups into giving your html guy a massive bonus, these forums are more popular than the game.

Players aren't devs, stop the devs from caving into entitlement and implementing every broken mechanic with majority support.

This is why PoE>D3.
Although they are a much smaller group, the game was made by devs and not forums.

Your doing your job too well. Ironically, I believe this is what ruined the game.

P.S. Player feedback has gone a long way to fix the game since 1.0.3.
It was however : Beta feedback that caused all those issues that required fixing.
Even if you listened and implemented all feedback for the next year, it's unlikely we'll be at a point where live feedback has corrected all the damage done from beta.

Edit : I feel the urge the rant about this a bit further...
How did cms not make the connection that beta was the "vocal minority" complex.
Very few people were dissatisfied with D2, but all that were had the motivation to be on forums.
They shouldn't have been here expecting something other than a sequel.
Tailoring the game to them was rediculous.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

You should consider to ask our (the actual players) oppinion about crucial design decisions BEFORE you implement stuff a certain Mr. Wilson decided to be fun.

Honestly, I cannot even begin to understand how this mess called DIABLO 3 could've been released in this state. It took me only a few hours playing after level 60 has been reached to pinpoint all the things that simply ruin this game as an ARPG (if you do not put the U in ACTION), and on the core level that is.
What were your playtesters doing?
"At least it looks good."
"I'm 12 and what is this?"
"I got no ARPG experience, but playtest this game nonetheless, lolz!"

Sincerly yours, a butthurt D2 fan.

monthly report to the community, "What thoughts/ideas from the forums we shared with devs"

so we know at least our voices are getting echod to the right people, cause it sure doesnt feel like it these last 6 months.
12/12/2012 09:01 PMPosted by OldSchool
What about the "Like" button? Do posts with a lot of "Likes" stand out to CM's? It seems that only topics that get a lot of spam move to the popular topic list and it doesn't account the "Like" button at all. Whats the best way for us, as a community, to come together to try and get a particular topic viewed by a CM?

I was really hoping this would get answered. I still have no idea what that "like" button does from a CM perspective. Its one of the only tools we, as a community, have to work with. Why does a topic with more spam get pushed to the top 10 list while a post with more "likes" gets barried within the d3 forum?

Perhaps showing the players the numbers of likes and dislikes a post might have on it would promote more use of the tool.
Jay fired every developer in the office as they didnt agree with him on changes, now his working Solo and we will get PvP 2015
i wonder that there's a lot of people hates d3 and they still keep playing lol!

what about move on and play something else? peace
i wonder that there's a lot of people hates d3 and they still keep playing lol!

what about move on and play something else? peace

Someone changes all the laws of your country.
Do you move to a different country or work on fixing your own?
This is a sequel.

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