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Make this game more like Diablo's 1 and 2, keep the current build sure, add some talent trees though... maybe place the rune abilities as auto-unlockables, and the add allocation of stat blocks, allow world PvP.

Broaden weapon selection, these are versatile fighters, why are they so incompetent with anything other than their archetypal weapon sets? A barbarian should in theory understand bows/xbows. a demon hunter should have a few abilities for one handed swords, monks should understand more about throwing things....

Allow for offline gameplay, if the restriction is needed, then don't allow for players to use the same toons online as offline.

up the curve of normal->nightmare and nightmare->hell so that it's actually a bit of an accomplishment to see it happen.

Allow for a checkbox (Auto-off on replays/ auto-on on first plays) that turns off cinematics and speeches.

As for lore? I want to know what happened to the heroes from d2, one of the best things about d2 was how it so perfectly wrapped up d1, the sorceress I would imagine to still be alive, the Amazon, assassin, and druid also were young enough to live so long. the necromancer.. .was he Nilathak? or will he come back? did the darkness consume him or did he hold on to his sanity?
Where is the Paladin in all of this?
Did they all fall to darkness? are they the newest lords of hell awoken from a slumber into madness?

Could you add two new quests to freeing their souls

DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER THE LINE "Rest well.. Blood Raven"

How about a more comprehensive hireling system? they only add more to customization, even just upgrading followers to be viable at later levels via flat effectiveness of stats and abilities being increased.

How about something as simple as "Cathederal Gauntlet" in which the players go through the game of diablo 1 as quickly as they can, gaining better gear for %complete and speed of completion, there weren't all that many quests in D1, it could be as simple as finding/touching a shard of Diablo's soul stone and being somehow linked (By fate maybe?) to his memories. even a curse that tries to resurrect him within the darkness of your own character by putting you in a PTSD-like trance to remember his exploits.

More quests would be nice but they aren't the biggest thing
12/13/2012 06:20 AMPosted by Mist3rHyde
Theres 1 more thing that I would like to add, I made a thread called "I felt cheated" and it received almost 700 views and over 100 comments. The thread was all true about how a video footage released by blitz 4 years ago about d3 gameplay trailer actually looks better than the current game which totally doesnt make sense. I made that thread in order to let people know and in fact a lot of players didnt know about this. In stead of saying something about the matter, guess what blitz did? Ninja locked my thread. And when other players repost the thread, guess what blitz did? Ninja delete the threads. Oh wow, so all that Blitz did was just to run away from the truth and just hide stuffs that they found too true? I am so freaking disappointed and have absolutely nothing to say :|

I reposted that thread because I thought it was interesting to compare what D3 should was at the beginning and what it actually became, and I definitely don't understand why it got deleted.

I was surprised when my post was locked and was pissed when I see your post got deleted. I mean is this how Blitz answer to the community? Just disappointment upon disappointment
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

So many blue responses in this thread, going 7 months into the game and seeing something like this that should occur almost weekly would definitely shut people up like myself about the game's problems.(Not asking to go for a forum war here.)

You're at the brunt of the line and have to deal with vocal gamers and passionate players who are either fuming at the keyboard or critcizing everything about the game or busy defending it and having PvP on the forums instead. OR well I guess you're also not at the brunt of the line and don't even have to deal with any gamers how should I know it's been so long since something like anything like this has happened, probably like once or twice in the course of 7 months.

Giving a small acknowledgement or even a glimpse of what's going on even if you don't know, whether or not it's a secret or just no direction at the moment would be magnitudes of clarity as to what's to be expected. Yes I know CMs are not developers and there's probably a brick wall of communication there internally.

Some news is ALWAYS better than no news. Confirming no news is NEWS. The main page doesn't help much and those topics are there for quite a time giving no insight into upcoming game content, they aren't events either that grant anything in terms of "food" for the game's stomach. Staying in the dark and having a response every 2-3 weeks is rather drab and dull and we don't have any other means of contact or news on the main site. So people refer to here to seek out what's going on. With 0 notices for months or even every other week it feels like a deserted game when free games and other games get notices almost daily or every half a week for some to one week.

Blizzard isn't known for being poor or short on resources so I can't understand why at all there would be 0 time to respond or even drop a few sentences or such a long delay of no communication from "Community" Managers to players on the forum & in game. Personally to me that just means you guys don't care. Comparisons are bound to be made among other games on the market, the internet is like an open book. If the competition drive has died at Blizzard and the passion is gone, well there's not much to say other than goodbye now than later.

Sorry if that's harsh just how it seems/feels after being on these forums for x months to finally see some actual communication between player & a staff. Other games utilize social media as a means to communicate. My response time for a GuildWars2 Collector's edition question was about 20 minutes in from ArenaNet staff way back in July before the game was even out. Here it takes light years to garner a response. I was surprised because I deemed my question irrelevant almost and pointless but they got back to me in less than half an hour and was amazed. The question was just about key activation of game, due to no digital copy of collector's edition and how to get a early access start due to not owning a digital copy. Whether you're receptive at all to all this or not is up to you and the team, if you really all do care then I hope by the time HotS and the final iteration of SC2 comes out, that'll won't be the last and there'll be something else to look forward to. Otherwise well, it's pretty much gone.

P.S. The general discussion forums used to have to so many threads flooding in at a time that almost 2-4 pages of new threads were made in less than half a day, now it's more than a day and not even topics get flushed/buried as fast anymore. That's a HUGE drop considering most players don't even go to a forum. I won't doubt there's been great changes made to the game, but it's still very much the same message at the bottomline, and those features are just "me too" features of the original base. It doesn't add flavor. That's the only feedback I have. Revamping other things would probably take forever and piss off everyone for having nothing changed for so long and wrecking people who've spent stuff on RMAH. It's like you guys dug yourselves a hole... a very deep one. Still though, we all have very much hope or we wouldn't be here responding or writing these for no reason. I'm sure everyone can agree on that. If not oh well.
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

The best way? Do a news letter style post.

Compile a list of most often asked questions each week (stemming from redundant threads popular that week) and answer some of the questions. Don't pick the easiest ones, unless they are brief and quick. If you guys did this more often, then I would say people would have more trust in the CM's. Additionally, have multiple different CM's answer the questions, that way we know they are all getting involved with the community.

Perhaps do a post like this every Monday?

Is this doable in your schedule? I think this should be easy, because the threads with the most replies probably need the most attention, and putting it all in one thread will make it easier and create less redundant threads.
12/12/2012 09:49 PMPosted by Winky
I have yet to see any game changes that were said by a player

you are wrong i provided a feed back about "showing the currrent dificulty level near the minimap" and they added in some patch

12/12/2012 09:39 PMPosted by Lylirra
How could we as CMs make it more clear to the community that we value your feedback -- positive or negative, so long as it's constructive -- more than we already do? Or better illustrate that we take that feedback into consideration and have made may great changes to the game as a result of it?

The best way Blues could make it more clear to the community that you value our feedback is the following.

I suggest some kind of [Stickied] Weekly CM Acknowledgement Roll-Up (Updated) Not really updates on what is going on but what you notice the community voiced the most during, let's say, the last 4 weeks. It could be updated once in a week. I suggest tuesday?

Thank you
7 months is a long time to wait for something you have paid for...worse is ,you dont know when it will be delivered nor why it is delayed...and you get ignored when you ask about it..
think twice before blaming the community for raging..we deserve more respect, we been patient enough.
Okay, so. How do you think we could improve?

The best way? Do a news letter style post.

Compile a list of most often asked questions each week (stemming from redundant threads popular that week) and answer some of the questions. Don't pick the easiest ones, unless they are brief and quick. If you guys did this more often, then I would say people would have more trust in the CM's. Additionally, have multiple different CM's answer the questions, that way we know they are all getting involved with the community.

Perhaps do a post like this every Monday?

Is this doable in your schedule? I think this should be easy, because the threads with the most replies probably need the most attention, and putting it all in one thread will make it easier and create less redundant threads.

I mentioned something similar a handful of pages back in which the CM seemed receptive to the idea, but I think you articulated the idea better. It would be cool if throughout the week, CMs could go into threads that contained good questions, constructive criticism, issues ect and said something like "Hey, you brought up a good point. I'm gonna add this to monday's Q/A thread and try to get an answer from a dev for you guys". That in itself would be a huge improvement imo. Even if the answers/comments from the devs aren't what we want to hear, it's still an answer, and I think alot of people will be a little less hostile knowing that their voices were heard.

Just having forums users know that if they phrase a question, comment, ect in a constructive way that it might get feedback from a dev would really turn these forums around too. Win win for everyone.
Sorry, but moderators may be able to translate this by his work:

12/12/2012 07:14 PMPosted by Triphex
[quote="73921345225"]How do you think we could improve?

Go see how quick, efficient & professional the BLIZZARD CM's are on the STARCRAFT 2 forums.
Almost every issues and questions are dealt with within the very day they are posted.

When people ask why is there a movement speed cap. We should get an answer like
''Because past X% you would suffer from rubberbanding''

Instead we get
'' Working as intended. ''
12/13/2012 12:36 AMPosted by Imperial
They are just interesting games.

D3 is a vastly and interesting game, you need "earn to lay"
i think they dont really know whut to say to the community lol
@Lylirra - You mentioned that Jay posts via Twitter with some "Development" updates every now and again. What about us zerglings who don't use Twitter? Plaster those annoucements all over the main D3 page and forums. I, for one, think that you do a far better job at interacting with the community than any other CM and actually appreciate it.

It is hard for players to sit and wait for issues to even be acknowledged, never mind addressed in D3 when they are highly detrimental to the game. Rubber banding for one was an issue that was acknowledged fairly early on (maybe even beta), but is still a big problem that never really had a fix. Blizzard dev's should be forced to make forum posts at least bi-weekly so that people actually think that there is a real person sitting there.

The companies that people are most happy with are companies that have transparency and interaction with their customers. Customers value this and it makes them realize that not everyone is perfect (as long as concerns are addressed when there is any).

P.S. - I think Blizz in all its entirety needs a lot more CM's interfacing with the community rather than just a small handful.
@ Lylirra

The one challenge with forums is that one (myself) need to able to get to information posted quickly and effectively. Its no longer a matter of getting people to post of Forums, but rather improving collaboration efficiency. Do you measure this internally? How is your performance measured as a CM? Is it measured?

An example:

Sure, Blizz posts saying there is a platform to report on. Not good enough. Tell us how many accounts you ban per month for botting? Tell us that our reporting is not for nothing and that it does help. Is there a permanent security/surveillance GM team in game? These are factual, and action-oriented feedback! This leaves me with the impression that you might say the integrity of the game is important, but it is just empty words - no action is coupled to it!

Another point in case. If Jay Wilson cares so much as you say why does he not makes use of full Blogging? A one line statement on Twitter here and there is not good enough. Maybe he does have a full out blog? I don't know. That's the point right there.
This perception actually really confuses me given how many changes we've made to the game based on player feedback and criticisms, and how frequently we actually say that we're listening.

Here are a few quick examples that I can recall from memory:

There's also changes made to drop rates, Legendary items, reducing repair costs, reducing the challenge gap between monster types, removing Invulnerable Minions, removing enrage timers, revising CC, improving resource spenders, improving how item affixes roll, adding Paragon, adding new shrines, giving more benefit to in-game events and Resplendent Chests, AH features, and more.

Given that, I don't understand why so many players say that we aren't taking player feedback into consideration. Is there something we could perhaps do better to make this fact more clear?[/quote]


But what about the hundreds of people (at least) who sincerely believe that this game would be rated E if the gore was turned off? Not that the gore looks realistic or anything...

The gameplay is really great. However the storyline, voice acting, cut-scenes, colors, and monsters are all so childish. I'm under the impression that blizzard fears it will not be able to hold itself up under its own weight unless its few titles released grab the attention of the widest audience. Further, I believe blizzard has used Diablo's good name and reputation to, in a manner, scam players who were expecting a totally different game. And on the last note, putting an M on a game is either an automatic turn off for parents of minors, or the parents don't care one way or another. You guys should have appealed to the Diablo II audience, not the world's... You had very devoted fans of that game who waited a decade to play Diablo III.

I realize it's too late for all of this, though. Maybe one day I'll have to remake this trilogy under a new name, for the people... not the money.
Two things might improve the forums a lot:

  • Clean up the forums a bit. It would be nice if the "top threads" list was mostly constructive feedback or interesting info about playing the game, instead of endless complaining. There's no reason to promo "I like to play this other game, you guys suck" threads on the front page of the forums. Don't have to delete the thread but drop it off the front page perhaps. Also clean up trade threads that aren't on the trade forums, stuff like that. When I want a daily dose of negativity I'll read the news or other real life thing. Games are supposed to be fun and the forums should be optimized for people who LIKE the game.
  • More engagement. I understand the point about not wanting to make promises that come back to haunt you (people don't understand how software development works). Been there myself running my own communities. At the same time, the balance is too far toward silence. There are always jerks who take anything you say as a reason to complain even more, but there's also a silent majority who appreciate engagement. One approach could be to take the most-liked thread that's truly constructive (and not full of passive-aggressive asides) each week or two, and go get a real take on it from the developers. Another idea would be to provide some broad outlines of the roadmap - "we are aiming for a patch every 2-4 months" or "our current emphasis is on improving such-and-such." Or you could share stats on popular builds/skills from the servers, that kind of behind the scenes could be interesting. Or highlight players with interesting builds. Or do a weekly newsletter with ten forum threads you thought were interesting - this would be a way to "recognize" really nice feedback threads, without necessarily commenting on them, as well as highlight threads with good play advice and such. Another source of forum posts from you guys could be to extract "theorycrafting" numbers from the game, such as proc coefficients or drop chances, and just do posts about those. People love that stuff. One post that could go a long way would be a "here are ten general areas we are working on over the next few patches" kind of thing - I'm guessing the areas would include some of the popular complaint topics. It's true you'd immediately get 100 "where is XYZ on the list?" complaints, but again there's a quiet majority who would just appreciate the engagement. I think you just need to find some way to say something and stay engaged in between the patch drops.

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