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I think too many of the really disappointing features are built into the core of the game, and you can't even change them even if you are the developers without redesigning the game pretty much. eg.:

Disjointed world - can't travel freely, gives very limiting feeling. Selecting quest feels awkward because U have to know what quests will provide u with what boss or whatever.

AH farming is boring and mandatory - I will refrain from elaborating because this issue in particular makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

Killing 3-7(?) strong monsters is boring compared to killing hordes.

Zero incentive to ever roll a new character of same class. U hit 60, try all the builds then it's over. This was the main thing that kept me playing D2 and u completely removed it from the game. I could cry over this. At least in WoW u need different gear for each build, and there is 11 classes, 33 styles is a lot more than 5.

Pretty much single player game..... big multiplier downgrade from D2. Auto game finding system is horrible, i always get grouped with chinese or whatnot and often people who just sit in town. 4 player limit doesn't help, but I can understand with the new flashy graphics you probably need it.

So much wrong that is basically in the core, and can't be fixed. I could go on... The game is just a big disappointment to me. First collectors edition I ever purchased in my life, and the highest level of anticipation I've had - only to be let down.

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