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12/12/2012 09:08 PMPosted by Nein
I've already posted a bunch of ideas on page 3, but here's the quote of it,

Thanks for sharing that, Nein. I'll make sure we pass that information on to our developers. :)

Just keep in mind that Community Managers aren't responsible for implementing changes or making design decisions. We're here to engage with players and act as a liaison whenever possible. Vaeflare talked about our role a bit more here, if you're interested: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004455309?page=2#23
12/12/2012 07:06 PMPosted by Lylirra
How do you think we could improve?

I think most of us are eager to know whats next? What changes are coming?

This. I don't understand from a CM's standpoint why you guys have to be hush hush about what the dev team is working on.

And yes, I did read Grimiku's and your responses today but still letting us in on a few behind-the-scene things couldn't be all that bad in terms of community backlash. At least it gives us something to talk about and you get feedback first-hand. Maybe that's another reason why we feel we're not being heard, the dev team could dismiss an idea on the forums and not provide an explanation why they didn't agree with the proposed change.

12/12/2012 09:17 PMPosted by Lylirra
We're here to engage with players and act as a liaison whenever possible.

Case and point.
The #1 problem is, right now, that we have NO CLUE what is being done to make this game any better then it is now.

Sure, we had Jay Wilson troll us with some PvP info, but that honestly now just feels like he was intentionally stringing the carrot so to speak, to buy the team another few weeks before they had to give us ANY information about ANYTHING AT ALL.

Honestly, it's been almost 2 months since we had ANY INFORMATION from the dev team about what is actually being done to FIX THIS GAME! I've logged over 1,000 hours on this game, and now I've turned to hardcore because the fact of the matter is, there simply isn't enough content to keep me entertained.

Diablo 2 kept me entertained for YEARS. No, I'm not being delusional either. I'm pretty sure I remember playing and loving every minute of Diablo 2 for at least 7 years. D3 on the other hand, after 6 months I'm struggling to figure out what the hell I'm even playing for anymore. The sad part is, it's been like that for at least the last 2 months. Sure, paragon levels and better legendaries were nice... but the fact remains that legendaries SHOULD of been that good to begin with!

Let's take a look at some of the things you could be doing at any given time while playing Diablo 2:

1. Ironman
2. Forge rushing
3. Crafting (that actually matters)
4. Dueling (PVP?!?!?)
5. Cow runs
6. Meph / Pindle / Countess
7. Ironman HC Challenge
8. HC Ironman Deathmatch
9. Baal runs
10. Pit Runs
11. SOCKET QUEST alt levelling
12. Uber Tristram
13. Organ Hunting
14. D-Clone hunting
15. Farming SoJ's

I think I'll stop here because the point is pretty clear... Let's compare what we have to do in D3:

1. Runs. Whether it's MF / Paragon / GF... they are all the same. Act 3, Alkaizer... it's really the only efficient run in the game.

2. Hellfire Ring...? Cool. Except a huge portion of the community can't even do this efficiently because of how your drop rates work. Can't run high MP? Too bad, you'll be stuck farming for the parts on low MP which has horribly skewed rates because the RNG system is bad. But wait, for only $49.99 you can gear up on the RMAH and run MP8+ no problem!

3. Troll the AH... This is a game in and of itself.


My point is... There simply isn't enough content in this game to keep people interested. Over the past 2-3 weeks, I've lost about 8 good online friends that are 80+ paragon because the game becomes more of a chore then anything else. There's NOTHING interesting to do other than the same old "RUNS".

We need some flavor. More importantly, and to the point of this topic's subject:


Lack of communication is killing this game more then anything else. It's been 2 months and not a SINGLE post has been made about the direction of the game. I hate to draw comparisons, but PoE dev's make posts 2-3 times PER WEEK about what they've been doing, and what they plan on doing to improve the game. I don't even really care for the game because it just doesn't have the same type of polished, smooth gameplay that Diablo 3 does.

This game truly has the POTENTIAL to be a great game... but in it's current state, it's really a sinking ship.

To answer your question, Lylirra...

All we really need is to know WHAT IS GOING ON!?!??!?!

You want to know why people got so upset about the 1.06 patch? It's not because it didn't give us another act or a brand new character class... it's because another patch went by without a peep of information of things to come. The patch notes were depressing to read, honestly.


Why is it so "hush-hush" about what's to come for this game? Is losing another 25% of your playerbase REALLY worth keeping a secret over?

A little communication goes a LONG WAY!
We all are just frustrated with the pace the gaming is being upgraded, the D3 comunity is full of really nice ppl just check out reddit. Its just too easy to be a jerk when you are frustrated.

And since i mentioned reddit Dustin Browder is always posting and interacting with the sc comunity...
...can we have Dustin for Christmas pleeeeeaze?

12/12/2012 09:07 PMPosted by Lylirra
Pity. I've always fancied myself more of an iguana really. =/

As a bear, i approve iguanas but calangos are definetly better.
7 Blue posts in one thread? OP has earned high score!

What's that mean? Did he break it?
Start by reading all the critiques made by players since release. And there are TONS of them.

I get the feeling you guys are ONLY searching for positive feedback and ignoring the rest

This perception actually really confuses me given how many changes we've made to the game based on player feedback and criticisms, and how frequently we actually say that we're listening.

Here are a few quick examples that I can recall from memory:

There's also changes made to drop rates, Legendary items, reducing repair costs, reducing the challenge gap between monster types, removing Invulnerable Minions, removing enrage timers, revising CC, improving resource spenders, improving how item affixes roll, adding Paragon, adding new shrines, giving more benefit to in-game events and Resplendent Chests, AH features, and more.

Given that, I don't understand why so many players say that we aren't taking player feedback into consideration. Is there something we could perhaps do better to make this fact more clear?

IF that's the best you can come up with with all the glaring issues and sorry excuse of an interface for the AH an intern could have coded in a day... not to mention better. Then I am at a loss for words. You are grasping at straws. THen again there hasn't been any real additions to the game that were meaningful other then Hellfire rings ( no mp doesn't count toggle difficulty did nothing for the game). Granted CM have no real power over any of the game and are here for damage control. But no need to spit in the faces of those who pay your salary with bogus examples of sadness. Get more CM's out here to damage control your post ;(
based on title alone, I agree with op....
The CM-community interface is severely handicapped by lack of proper information flow.

Right now we feel that we are not being allowed to be a part of the group that decides what future of this game is. We as a community have made several suggestions to improve or change things in the game, some are radical and not possible to implement, but some are really basic. However we have never received a constructive feedback from the developer team regarding them. There is a sever lack of conversation.

For example the crafting system issues, why is there no discussion about it? Why can't the developers discuss a few of the ideas going around in their heads with the community to get some real feedback on if their direction of thinking is compatible with ours? Hell, if not their ideas why not comment on some of ours? If you really think some of our ideas are outright dumb and un-implementable, talk to us, show us why. We are not developers, we are players, but we are as concerned about the game as you are.

Please stop taking us for granted. Talk to us.

Thank you.
12/12/2012 08:09 PMPosted by BurningJC007
The only updates we've gotten on the future of the game have been from Jay's twitter posts. I think you can understand why people are frustrated, it was intimated that PVP would be released sometime this year this does not seem possible anymore and what ensues is the current state of the forums with people asking about PvP every other post. I personally would like to know what 1.0.7 will contain (just a hint) or at the very least if we will be getting a dev blog on that patch. Some people seem to think it will be a class balance patch, not sure how true this is.

That's totally understandable. We do want to update players on PvP once all the details are finalized. We're not at that point yet, but Jay understands that it sucks to wait and has been trying to bridge that gap via direct updates on Twitter. He's a good dude and really cares this community, despite so many statements to the contrary. =/

As for 1.0.7, you can expect us to provide something similar to the coverage we offered for 1.0.5, 1.0.4, 1.0.3, etc. once it's further along in development. Whenever possible, we prefer to talk about changes at that level only once we're sure we know what's going to be in a specific patch (since it's never a good experience to have to say that something got cut or was delayed).

12/12/2012 08:22 PMPosted by NOLLegendz
There you guys go, the blue admitting they are mainly here to talk about frivolous topics.

There you guys go, a player taking a blue quote out of context. ;)

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