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My character is supposed to be getting 100 bonus xp per monster kill but it basically is not working. I can wipe out 7 or 8 monsters at once and I will only get 100 xp (this is not including the XP mass kill bonus)
I just reread the affix and it litterally says, "Monster kills grant +[1-24] experience."

I know from playing my wizard and from achievement hunting that every kill that happens within a given half second window is lumped together (Crispy Crutters, Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk, etc).

It may be a really strict interpretation but the affix does not say per individual monster kill.

You're just being too awesome. You need to slow it down if you want more xp bonus. (joke)
I did my own testing. "Monster Kills Grant X Experience" is not working as I expect it to either.
My Monk "Alice" has a total of +38 to "Monster Kills Grant X Experience".

I tested this:
Mark my current experience at 8121, kill one skeleton (no monster power) in Act 1 Normal. My experience goes up +3 experience for a total of 8124.

I expect that killing one skeleton should give me +3 experience and +38 experience because of my gear bonus for a total of +41 experience for killing one skeleton.

The +experience % bonus is working as expected. I run the same test on Monster Power 10 which gives me +200% experience. Killing a skeleton gives me +9 experience on MP 10. 200%(3 base experience for killing skel) + 3 = 9.
Searching sites external to battle.net forums turned up this beauty.

I have the same problem with a Monk newly created, he's Level 27, Normal Mode, MP10. I get very little to no XP after bumping it up from MP8. As I've increased MP levels throughout the game with this character, I receive little to no rare items. It seems there is an inverse relationship to MP Levels and XP, gold and magic find. Not what I was expecting. Too bad there isn't anyone that to address this problem. I bought the game new, it wasn't an upgrade from the Beta or Starter edtion.

Frustrating to be killing hoardes of monster and realize your XP bar isn't moving. I was afraid it might start moving in the other direction (kidding).

I will search and see if there is a warm body at Blizzard that will address this problem.

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