Attack Speed vs Mana Usage (Bears Example)

Witch Doctor
Here's another thought for you. My minimalist attack speed set up.

I have a Witching Hour belt with 9% IAS and my base Skorn with 1.0 AS. So in total I have 1.09 AS.

I use RoT, AC/AR, and bears.

I have the Zuni Helm with max mana and the Zuni set bonus of 20 mana regen.

I run a proc doctor build with no mana passives or active skills. My passives are SV, JF, and BM.

link to build -!eXa!bcacbc

I use my active skills as follows: RoT, AC, then SH and bears if they mob me.

I have enough bears to take out the big rushes of monsters in Act III at the Fields of Slaughter on MP7.

So a low AS proc/bear build. Just another way to do it.

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