Just started. Hoping to get some advice.

Hello. Just started HC recently. Having a WD close to 60 and a Monk close to 50.

I used to play SC WD, but really not sure if I am doing it right in HC. My Shala is currently on Hell act3. Want to do some upgrade for her to make sure she is safe (sigh... my first HC hero... and I do love WD... don't want her die too soon). Given a limited budget (say <1m), is there anything I can do for her?

For Monk ... I rarely played before ... may need more help on the build and gear I should head for.
First HC character I try to upgrade my slots all the way in the stash. Level the JC BS as much as possible and just try to save money. If you do make it to inferno just take it nice and slow. Like you might not even want to try skeleton king until you feel you are ready. Just keep farming.
Given a limited budget (say <1m), is there anything I can do for her?

Once you hit 60, you should be able to get some decent gear with int/vit/AR. There is usually starter gear on the AH for decent prices. Check stuff without a buyout, too - you may be able to get gear to improve your character at near-vendor prices.

With a limited budget, just be sure not to spend too much on any one piece of equipment. You're better off getting a cheap improvement in every slot. I built my WD - my first HC character - shopping this way, and I made it though the game without repeating any content.

Good luck!
If your trying to save money but still want to hit 60 asap I do plvl for SC gold 1:5 rates.
Thanks for the advice. I will just take it slow. Won't push hard as when I am playing SC. I will reach level 60 soon (if not die before that. haha. and i prefer to do it on my own). And will look for starter gears to play with after that.

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