Santalepsy. 12/23

Last fist weapon to Ranthor.
thank you for the Skorn!!!
Can I have the inna's radiance with AR and spiral brace I know its one item per but I am a poor monk .Double please good sir :D
-I'll be online after 3 hours thanks in advance merry xmas!
Holiday bump for a nice guy doin a nice thing for the community :)

I think I might have some low end FR stuff I could give away too, I'll check tomorrow morning and get back to ya.
Xoniuqe, sorry the only helm I have left is the 190 dex 175 vit 51 lightning resist one. And I don't remember who got the Spiral Brace.... but that ones gone too. :( But grab me in game and we'll see if there's anything left we can set you up with. :)
I could really use a Echoing Fury with O/S dex and crit :)
LoL. too.
trail heart boots plz if you still have it
thanks = )
Thank you for the gloves, inna's helm and the bonus good sir :) I'm happy to see good people like you help the community out by doing things such as this, I hope more would do the same not just for the monk community but for the rest of the classes too. Keep it up and more power!
Added you QHT, I'll save'm for ya.
Your very welcome Xoniuqe, enjoy!
sweet! I'll add you when I get online tonight Narcolepsy = )
and thanks!
Have you given away the Unity Avenger or SoJ?

I am not online but would love either of those!
Ya Saffron, sorry, they went yesterday. I had a friend donate a first weapon to the cause this morning though. I'll get a screenshot up when I get home from work.

If I remember right it's a Fist of Az"turrasq like 1080 damage, 180dex, 11attkspeed, 65CD. Don't think it had a socket...

Yep. It didn't.

Last chance on that there weapon before I try and find it a home somewhere.
ice climbers with 220+ dex? :)
No worries Narcolepsy!

Awesome giveaway though!
WKL in first post. Send me a tell if you want it.
You have any the fist of Az with o/s and 12xx dps for sale??!! or free :)
I traded that for the one I have now. It's a bit less dps because of the loss of the dex, but I wanted the LS.

Sorry juN. I can never seem to please you.
I will try harder.

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